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  1. I have horrible results with the plackback volume of my recordings in L4 and quality, so I thinking of recording in L2. What do most people use for live shows? Also, I'm going to buy a smaller mic and have considered cardiods, but since many of the events I record are not alwasy only straight in front of me, (sometimes some of the instruments are behind as well as in front of the mics) , I am thinking of biaural, even though I'll pick up more audience noise with biaurals. Also, I'm short (5 2'') and was wonderning whether I should stand back from the stage when I record or get close. What do you all think. Lisa Sharp DR80
  2. I just got a DR80 after my Sharp MT770 broke. My MT770 made clear records with the manual record level at 22. The volume of playback was balanced in level and I could like at a good level. With my DR80, the volume of recordings are really low and even at the max of 30, it is low. The record level was at 12 or else it would peak out. The Is there anything I need to set on my minidisc for this. I am recording live loud dance classes with a stero mic i used with my mt770. I have never used a battery unit ? The DR80 only has a mic in on the unit. Maybe there is a setting in setup I need to change? Another question? Does recording at L2/L4 comprise the playback volume of the recording? Thanks in advance, lisa
  3. Hi, I installed every piece of software for the first time. I suspect that I will have to reintall all the software. When I downloaded SS2.0 with the md5 file and ran to check the download, the screen flashed but I did'nt get an ok that icetea had said we should look for. When I downloaded the other file that md5 looks at, I loaded it into a webpage and then saved that file as .md5 file. I wonder if this was the right way to save this file. If I right clicked on the link, it would have saved it as a php file. I'm going to reintall Simple Burner first. If that doesn't work, than I will reinstall both Sonic Stage and Simple burner. Lisa
  4. I've installed everything and had no problems. When I go to simpleburner to do a test download onto my MD, SB sees my CD, but nothing works. I cannot select any other files in the window and cannot click on record or change from LP2/LP4. Any ideas, thanks, lisa
  5. I'm having problems getting Simple Burner to access the image I created and mounted using ImageDrive. I am running Nero 6.03 and SB 1.0 with the update, also Sonic Stage 2.0. I did some research on AutoInsert or Autoplay on Windows 2000. I enabled autoplay which is actually checking the disable button. Basically, If I enable, disable or not configure Autoplay, I still cannot get simple burner to stop asking to load a cd into the drive. To modify Autoplay (windows2000) or AutoInsert go to: 1)start 2)run 3)gpedit.msc 4)Go to Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates -> System 5) Double click on "disable autoplay" (windows2000) 6) Read explain. 7) choose disable to enable autoplay Any help is appreciated. Seems like a lot of people of these boards have got it to work. So what's missing hear. Lisa
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie to the NetMD process. I have a sharp NetMD don't want to use Soundjam. Do I need to install SonicStage or any other software other than my drivers, simpleburner and nero? thanks, lisa
  7. Hi, Can I use this program with simple burner, or Sound Jam (sharp) instead of Sonic Stage. Also, will this program recognize usb connections. I am using the Imic on a Mac going through usb. Lisa Sony MZ-90, Sharp MT770, Sharp IMDR80, Mac Powerbook, VPC 6.0, .....
  8. I just got a Sharp IMDR-80 with the Japanese version of BeatJam. I have no interest in installing this software (its in Japanese), and would like to use simple burner with nero as described in other posts. I have the BeatJam CD, with i guess the drivers in the CD. Does anybody know how I install the drivers separately. Maybe this is a really easy question, but everything is in japanese. I'd love to hear others who have had sucess using SB with a Sharp. And I don't understand the copyright issue for USB uploading. I am a muscian and record my own stuff. I should be able to upload through USB. Oh well for now I'll go up using analog. Lisa Sony MZ90, Sharp MT770, Sharp IMDR-80
  9. Hi, I'm going on my third record cause I haven't had much luck to get them work for more than a year. My last recorder was a Sharp MT-770. I just got it back from Japan after 4 months and they didn't fix the problem. I've had a Sony MZ90 years ago and found that Sharp's recording quality is better, but I am not wary about dealing with Sharp repair again in Japan. I am mainly using the recorder to record live percussion classes and events. I play drum and need to record myself and others. I want these abilities: digital line out (still doesn't exist right?) manual recording digital amp prefered line in and out (I use the IMic to get DAD into my computer) reads old disc without problem Any models, advice, is appreciateds. I'd rather not pay more than 300 bucks. Oh, any information on the new Sony units that take 30gig discs?
  10. My sharp is so new and I am having problems with the recording quality. :cry: If I record anything, voice, live music, CD, I get really high sweaking sounds on top of the recording. I played with the recording levels and still get the sweaking at low recording levels. Was wondering whether I should clean the lens? Don't want to send this unit to Japan. Please help. Lisa
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