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  1. Thanks yet again, Majestic! I saw a link in the sticky posts to download the OpenMG software. I'll grab it from there. Cheers, -K
  2. Hi all, Is there any way to split longer tracks using the SonicStage software that came with my MZ-NE410? I know the unit itself has no on-board editing capabilities. Or am I SOL when it comes to editing for the low end NetMD player like this? Thanks, -K
  3. Kerrydan

    NET MD question

    Thanks for helping me out, folks... I've successfully been able to transfer songs from my computer to the MD as SP tracks. BUT, I still have some more questions about bitrate, and overall quality. :roll: Sorry to be a pain. Okay, just to test I did the following: Transferred a track ripped as WAV from a CD to my MD, using SP quality. Then I transferred the same track directly from CD to the MD using SimpleBurner, in LP2 format. After this was done, SonicStage tells me the following about the tracks: Track A is encoded with the ATRAC codec in Stereo, and takes up 9.33 MB of space on the MD for 4:27 minutes of audio. Track B is encoded with the ATRAC3 codec in Stereo LP2, and takes up 4.66 MB of space on the MD for 4:27 minutes of audio. If I look at the properties for the OMG file in the playlist created by SonicStage (I didn't tell it to create an optimized file, but I guess it did anyways), it says that Track A has a bitrate of 132 kbps. So... is there any audio quality difference at all between these two tracks on the MD? Or are they both 132 kbps audio, but encoded in different codecs so that Track A can be played back in older MDs that don't do MDLP? (I think that's what tmeg was getting at, above). Thanks again! I've almost got my head wrapped around this. -K
  4. Kerrydan

    NET MD question

    Aha! Thanks, Majestic! Found it, now. You are both a scholar and gentleman! Sheesh, SonicStage sure makes you jump through a lot of hoops to get what you want. I like SimpleBurner so much better - it's so... simple. :wink: Two more questions, if I may: a) You said earlier that this SP mode via NetMD is not true Atrac3 SP, but rather a higher bitrate LP2. Any idea what that bitrate is? Regarding SonicStage, I've read people complain that it "leaves files on the hard drive" and such, as it converts files to Atrac3 before copying to the MD. Where would I found all this redundant data, so that I can keep track of how much space SonicStage is eating up? Thanks again!! -K
  5. Kerrydan

    NET MD question

    How can you select this higher bitrate LP2 with SonicStage? When I convert MP3s from my system, SonicStage only ever offers me LP2 or LP4 format... no SP at all. Now, I haven't tried copying actual CD tracks through SonicStage, but SimpleBurner certainly doesn't offer anything other than LP2. Am I missing something somewhere? I'd love to be able to listen to LP2 tracks at a higher bitrate than 132kbps on my MZ-NE410. Thanks in advance! :-) -K
  6. Hi all, Still loving my MZ-NE410. I've basically been using it as a portable "MP3" player :oops: ... at least once a day deleting a few old tracks on the minidisc inside (via SimpleBurner) and transfering a few new tracks for the commute to and from work. My question is, how hard is this on the minidisc itself? If I'm only using the same one disc as an "internal" temporary storage where I'm constantly swapping songs on and off it, is this any harder on the lifespan of the storage media itself? What kind of lifespan should I expect from a single minidisc? Thanks, -K :-)
  7. Awesome, Steve! :!: Thank you!! I was starting to get annoyed with SonicStage's check-in limit on MP3s, but didn't have the cash to buy Nero for use with SimpleBurner. The Nero WMP plugin and DaemonTools work perfectly with my NE410 on WinXP! I couldn't have asked for a better (and cheaper!) solution. Someone should sticky this thread, and add this procedure to the NetMD FAQ. Thanks again! -K
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