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  1. ajwar

    Won't work

    I guess you don't know have to solve it? Or enybody else?
  2. ajwar

    Won't work

    I found the omglog.txt (in an other place) and there is alot of text in it. Don´t really know what it means so i have uploded it. Se the link below. Here
  3. ajwar

    Won't work

    It seems to work well when I use my Laptop. I also connected the power suply (pluggd it (my netMD) in too the small holes in the wall ;>) when i was transfering after that I could transfer 1 - 3 songs then the error message came again.
  4. ajwar

    Won't work

    Hi, when i trie to transfer my images to my netMD only the first song gets on to the disc. Then Simple Burner goes "The recording session has faild." Someone knows why?
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