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  1. I have used 64K AT3+ as a fun experiment to squeeze about 25 long CD's on to one disk.

    In no way will I state that 64k sounds as good as 256K or 352K, but I was quite pleased with the results. It did not sound nearly as bad I had imagined it would. Some tinny sounding distortion artifacts were heard with certain vocals and sometimes the stereo image didn't seem rock steady. Still, for *casual* listening, I could see how someone might enjoy 64K. To me, 64K sounds way, way better than XM radio, for example, which I will not listen to with headphones -- yeech.

    So, there it is.

  2. Topic really says it all. May / June? I concerned because Sony USA has elected for whatever reason not to distribute (yet) the NW-A3000/1000 models and we will probably never see the NW-A608.

    A look at Sony's portable audio page is pretty sad -- a few discontinued bean/core players and no HD players in sight. A few of the newer low-end CD players have finally showed up.

    Is Sony giving up? Pricing too cutthroat? It's as if they're standing still.


  3. From the article:

    "Now, it's all too late. I'm afraid MiniDisc will slowly but surely die out-- and that will leave me and all of MD's die-hard fans who supported the platform since day one without portable music. "

    I don't think so. I'm building a HiMD library (on HiMD)of essential music that should last for many years should noting better ever come along.

    MD units are mostly recorders and the discs can be re-recorded a million times (in theory). No problem there. As long as one has CD's or a pool (SonicStage) to draw from, discs can be reused. To me, the threat is that, someday, SonicStage will be incompatible with the operating system de jour, leaving real-time analog/digital recording - and no accessible library. Might want to keep a legacy OS that can run SonicStage.


  4. The one problem I had with gaps occured recently: I was importing some CDs with SS3.4 *and* I happened to have my Sony NW-E507 flash player connected to the USB to recharge. Not thinking anything about I transferred to the MZ-RH10 HiMD and noticed a few gaps of a .5 second. What the....! I check the CD's they looked OK. Played back the tracks imported in to "My Library" and, sure enough, the gaps were present. Re-imported the CDs. No problem. In retrospect the only thing I can think of is the NW-E507 connected and recharging.


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