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  1. My anti-virus software caught it. Keep that software up to date!
  2. I'd like a matching OLED remote with all of the artist/disc information. Basically, an OLED MC-40ELK. Paul
  3. At least MDs are a *reusuable* resource and, if taken care of, should last many, many years. The discs will probably outlive working examples of the recorders. Paul
  4. MZ-RH1 is the latest model - just beginning to appear in parts of the world (not USA as of yet). MZ-RH10 is last year's model MZ-RH1B assuming this is a notation for the RH1 but black in color. Paul
  5. Other Sony units, NW-E507 for example, can be updated by the consumer. I'm just wondering if it is even possible for MD units or if it's simply "policy". Paul
  6. I've never seen any consumer firmware update for MD models. Is it even possible with the current hardware? The functionality would make sense to me. Paul
  7. An upside to all of this may mean that any further machines are built more heavy duty and better -- more metal, less plastic.
  8. I have used 64K AT3+ as a fun experiment to squeeze about 25 long CD's on to one disk. In no way will I state that 64k sounds as good as 256K or 352K, but I was quite pleased with the results. It did not sound nearly as bad I had imagined it would. Some tinny sounding distortion artifacts were heard with certain vocals and sometimes the stereo image didn't seem rock steady. Still, for *casual* listening, I could see how someone might enjoy 64K. To me, 64K sounds way, way better than XM radio, for example, which I will not listen to with headphones -- yeech. So, there it is.
  9. Topic really says it all. May / June? I concerned because Sony USA has elected for whatever reason not to distribute (yet) the NW-A3000/1000 models and we will probably never see the NW-A608. A look at Sony's portable audio page is pretty sad -- a few discontinued bean/core players and no HD players in sight. A few of the newer low-end CD players have finally showed up. Is Sony giving up? Pricing too cutthroat? It's as if they're standing still. Paul
  10. Hopefully it's the "black" version for the USA. May isn't too far off. I assume that at this date Sony has a boatload of them manufactured already and are either already here or on a boat. Paul
  11. Outstanding review. The lack of disc info on the display is a bit disappointing but it's a prototype/beta being reviewed so firmware can change. Maybe there's hope. Paul
  12. From the article: "Now, it's all too late. I'm afraid MiniDisc will slowly but surely die out-- and that will leave me and all of MD's die-hard fans who supported the platform since day one without portable music. " I don't think so. I'm building a HiMD library (on HiMD)of essential music that should last for many years should noting better ever come along. MD units are mostly recorders and the discs can be re-recorded a million times (in theory). No problem there. As long as one has CD's or a pool (SonicStage) to draw from, discs can be reused. To me, the threat is that, someday, SonicStage will be incompatible with the operating system de jour, leaving real-time analog/digital recording - and no accessible library. Might want to keep a legacy OS that can run SonicStage. Paul
  13. What's it going to take to get a black one? An order directly from Japan? Paul
  14. Any word if any features will be deleted for the USA-version of the model? Will USA have the black or silver remote? Multi-line capable? Would really like to know if recording levels can be adjusted "on the fly". The lever on the side, to me, would indicate that it might. Paul
  15. Here is this beauty: --> http://www.sony-europe.com/res/attachment/...42610580305.jpg Unless there is some hidden "deal breaker" this will be a "purchase on sight". Paul
  16. Now imagine if Sony can get its act together an make a CD player in exactly the same style: square with a side OLED (just larger). Imagine those two stacked. Paul
  17. That's *exactly* what I thought! This player is going to be killer. Paul
  18. This player looks *really* nice, in my view. I'm in line. If this is it, the last Hi-MD (MD?), it's going out with style. I would say at this point give 'em what they want -- on the fly manual record levels, date stamp, 15mw per channel -- just do it! Paul
  19. MZ-1

    New Hi MD Model?

    The "hint" was already dropped in this same thread here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?s=&sh...indpost&p=89770 Paul
  20. I've enjoyed my N10 and still use it. Really small, nice and finished well. For some reason, LP2 sounds better to me in this unit than through some other players. Paul
  21. MZ-1

    New Hi MD Model?

    Looks like good news to me. Would like to see: all metal case, multi-color OLED on unit and remote, 2GB, 15mw or more for audio output. Paul
  22. I can get 5 1/2 hours with 352kbps on MZ-RH10, with a few MB to spare. Paul
  23. I have this volume/search problem too. It seems to affect a certain range of volume control settings. Do MZ-RH10 have to be sent in for firmware updates? Do the HiMD players, theoretically, have a method of updating the firmware by copying files onto the MD? Paul
  24. The one problem I had with gaps occured recently: I was importing some CDs with SS3.4 *and* I happened to have my Sony NW-E507 flash player connected to the USB to recharge. Not thinking anything about I transferred to the MZ-RH10 HiMD and noticed a few gaps of a .5 second. What the....! I check the CD's they looked OK. Played back the tracks imported in to "My Library" and, sure enough, the gaps were present. Re-imported the CDs. No problem. In retrospect the only thing I can think of is the NW-E507 connected and recharging. Paul
  25. MZ-1

    OLED dead

    Near the ocean? Salty air can cause corrosion. Paul
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