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  1. Thanks for all the input, I have had my MD for about 3 years now and this little thing can take a beatin..as for sound comparisons, I think I have an above average ear for sound quality and have to admit SP and LP2 are pretty friggin close to a lossless wav file. The point about having all your media on one device has convinced me that the MD is the way to go. I still utilize open MG software as a back up in case I trash a disc. I guess my concern is when the new HI-MD comes out, will my archive of music still be supported by this new player? I.E. Will I be able to transfer the older format to the new discs? Again, thanks for all the input.
  2. I currently have a mz-n707 and was considering checking out an Ipod. Then sony had to come up with this new Hi-MD to confuse my decision even more. Other than removable media, can someone list a few pros or cons as to which unit is better. I.e. AAC vs. Atrac3 Thanks
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