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  1. thank you so much txgitarman you know i have a mz-n505 that has a optical line in but it won't run off of batteries for some reason it works fine with with the dc in maybe i could see about gettin it fixed it should work as well as a mz-s1 in that situation i'll have to look into it's problem maybe what's the cheapest "mic in" model out there that you know of?
  2. it wasn't about you being true or it being true and you didn't come off harsh i just thought it was silly to suggest i dig through other posts when you could just type a few little light letters reffering to a few models i think that would be more easily accesible and i have been browsin other posts/threads i thought it would be nice if someone could type directly with me on what i was lookin for i'm not at all knowledgable or experienced with md and a lot of what's discussed is over my head i can't grasp it all in a week so yeah, i'd appreciate if somone anyone could just suggest some things on the functions i mentioned and no i wouldn't mind repeating myself if it helped someone and i wouldn't view it as incessant
  3. located in central florida, u.s.a. well, what functions are desireable in models for what i want to accomplish i am totally ignorant and have never had experience in recording i noticed that the sharp md-dr7 has on the fly adjustable reording which sounds nice
  4. no more than $300 and i'm not lookin for the best i'd just like somethin proper efficient
  5. ...recording general coversations and enviromental ambience? i'm lookin to pick up mini disc recorder and just dont know what't the most efficent in these areas i know most of what i want will be determined on the microphones but what models of what brands are proper for general field recordings? i'd basically like to incorporate conversations or background noise into some of my musical compositions and don't need any other functions that good loud and clear recording and functions specific to such tasks please any help and knowledge will be greatly appreciated thanks
  6. oh indeed much help i think i will check into the pc option justs to see what all it would entail and what i would then be able to do with the sound before transfering it to the sampler
  7. I basically want a recorder with a mic in line for field recordings & converstions type sounds. then i would wnat to import them into my sampler and add them to my composistions. I would greatly appreciate any help and information on what is thought to be a good device for such. SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST DANG IT!
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