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  1. I agree with Chris G. If you wanna compete against I-pod you have to have your hire guns. If you combine video into the mix with portable disc you can beat I-Pod. When you compress your music on a player sounds horrible thats why apple has to keep making newer versions on gig-bites. If Sony comes out with a flash memory gig-byte mini disc player you have the option of putting your music on the player itself or the disc and still have plenty of room for videos on the player itself. You could have docks for these new players and touchscreen plus music and movies video to watch. There would be a lot of sour apples out there and more mini disc to choose from.
  2. I went to Audio America here in usa and they replaced my old mini disc reciever with brand new mdlp reciever with xm radio built in it was really cheap affordable trade in. My next one will probably be hi-md receiver. Just go to you local audio car shop near your home that installs audio receiver. They usually will give you a good deal on old receiver. Show them your music disc so they know what your talking about. You could print out the picture link you show everyone and show them. I wouldn't suggest a cassette adaptor or fm transmitter aux plugin those ideas are really bad too much static sounds like what you hear at the old drive in movie theather not only that someone driving by you might have fm transmitter missing up what your listening too also.
  3. Whats next after Hi-Md? Do you think flash memory and touch screen mini disc players will play a new role in redesign the portable player. I believe if so that opens the doors to possible watching movies on mini disc just like I-Pod and have better access to library and no more scrolls. No only that shooting video on the mini disc instead of the boring idea of a digital mini disc camera. Perhaps a blue ray mini disc player that is backwards compatible. Maybe flash memory wouldn't be needed after all. Wouldn't be cool if your mini disc portable was a blue ray mini disc player you could hook up to the tv and watch movies pictures, home videos.
  4. I had some ideas for the next Sony Mini Disc. It would be nice if Sony made a Blue Ray Mini Disc that plays/records movies on your walkman and music touch screen no buttons to press only on top for Video Camera and supports MDLP and Hi-md formats. And has a docking device on it. So it would be more impressive to be used as a portable boom box. I try to submit my idea to Sony they made real difficult to get a hold of them. Everytime I call get a voice recording operator can't even get a hold of a real person now days. If you can somehow tell sony about this cool idea cool. I don't want any money out it just want another Md.
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