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  1. PANASONIC SJ-MJ88 MINIDISC PLAYER Purchased this player just when it came out. Had it shipped from Japan (HyperJack). The player is in superb condition, but it does have some surface area scratches. These are not really scratches, just the reflective coating on top of the paint has hairline cracks in it, while the paint itself is good, so parts of it reflect light well, parts of it don’t reflect light as much. Either way, it still looks good as you can see in the pics. This is the only player ever made to have collapsible clamshell design, it is uber light, the smallest non mdlp player ever made, and is 3rd smallest in the world when compared to all players. However, it is the smallest with a standard sized jack. If you go with anything smaller like E10 or MJ97, you need an adapter for the headphones. The remote is virtually brand new, since I have never used it. The player comes with everything as it was originally shipped from the factory. Battery, carry case, charger stand, remote, headphones, box, manuals etc.. PICS: http://www3.sympatico.ca/t20/sale/Pana/ Price Shipped: $99
  2. Hi guys, selling a Panasonic MJ-SJ70 for a friend. Complete, minus the pouch and the headphones. $50 + $5 Shipping in Canada, or $7 for the US Or obviously just $50 if local pickup ;p Pics: My review of it here: http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....&threadid=22041 PM me, or email me at "t20alex@hotmail.com" I accept paypal or moneyorder. Thanks ;p
  3. I have recently made a post on http://www.minidisct.com, concerning optical block issues. Here is the link to original post: http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....&threadid=21759 Here is the post itself for lazy people: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have recently aquired an MZ-R900 and an MZ-N1 units. Both with severe cases of optical block. They read the discs fine, but when it comes to writing them, the usual "blank disk" issue occurs. Now, I purchased the units simply to play around with them. On top of that, I had to change Optical Laser Assembley on PS2 quite a few times, since a lot of them burn out, and are only able to read CD's. Not the smaller wavelength of DVD's. Anyways, not being new to optical assembleys, I am thinking, that I should take the R900 appart, get to the Optical block, find the pots, and crank them up to provide more power to the lense. Sounded like a good plan so I take the R900 apart, and here is what I see: After I got the optical assembley out, I notice something on a very tiny ribbon, that connects what seems to be a magnetic head in front of the inserted minidisc (assuming that the optical lense is behind the disk then). And this silly ribbon is torn: Then I remember this: Then I think to myself, hmm, maybe the lense only reads data off the MD, and the Magnetic head is what records the data, and the cable being torn prevents it from writting anything, but it can still read. (If that is the case, then why can the MD still erase the TOC on a full disk, when you write something to is, so it appears as blank afterwards?) Well in any case, Right away I think of switching the optical assembleys with the N1. They look exactly the same, and the ribbon cable has the exact same number ot traces on it. So am thinking, lets give this a try. N1 goes under the knife. But before I even get to the optical assembley, here is what I see: Can't see it? Here is a hint: Woah, seems suspicious, two MD units with optical block issues, and both have the exact same problem with torn ribbon cable for the magnetic head. Mkaaay. Anyways, the optical assembley swap is put on hold for now. Does anyone know the exact function of this thing that I refer to as the magnetic head? Come on guys, lets hear some input. Also, some bad news. this ribbon is a major PITA to replace. a) it is glued to the damn chassis. the thing is hard wired to the mainboard, you cannot just replace it. It would appear to get a new one, you would require a new mainboard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any help would be greatly apreciated ;p
  4. t10

    Hi-MD vs. Ipod?

    What's the point of having 1000 hours of music on your Ipod when the battery only lasts 6-7? All you MD users, how often do you charge your MD's? See? You had to think about it, since you do not do it that often. Heck, sometimes I charge my MD just once a month, and I listen to it for at least an hour, 5 days a week. Being able to take files from one PC to another, is great and all, but how often do you need to do it? Plus remember that, you would also need to have cables on you all the time. Apple, make Ipod Mini no bigger than MZ-E10, make sure it has at LEAST 30 hours of playback time on one charge, and add FireWire to it or USB 2.0, and I will be all over it like a fat kid over cheesecake. But for now, its MD for me. BTW, onlykaria; you gave Ipod a cool factor of 10, and an MD of 8 ?! Dude what are you on. Latest MD's are a pinnacle of art and technology. People wow when they see my MD swallow a minidsc when the player is pretty much same size as the minidisc itself. Plus all these technology tarded people now getting Ipods. I was given a 15gig Ipod for my birthday, and I can defenatelly tell you that MDs have far greater coolness factor than Ipods.
  5. Although Hi-MD is not all that it could have been, still 1GB MD's are nothing to sneeze at. Heck, my entire current MD collection could easily be stored on 5 Hi-MD disks ;p The only problem though, is the lack of players. Recorder wise, I really dont care, I buy the biggest, the ugliest recorder, as long as it has great recording features. Players though, that is where I get picky. It has to be small and very portable. Basically a really cool gadget. I went from Sharp ST77 (12.7mm height) to Panasonic MJ88 (11.8mm) to Sony E10 (9.9mm). No way I could possibly go back to a 13.5mm EH1 after E10. How long do you think it is untill we see sub 12mm height Hi-MD players?
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