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  1. Excellent. Everything is on the way. Thanks again.
  2. Ok , im gonna get a Conexion T24Hrd Digital Timer. So its easy enough to set the minidisc player to record as soon as its powered up by the timer?
  3. Ok, im going for the Sony MDS-JB980. What is the external timer and where can i buy it seperately? Thanks for your help.
  4. Im looking to spend around £200. As a complete newbie, i cant really come up with any other technical specifics. Although good sound quality is obviously a requirement. I dont even know if there is a difference between coaxial/ optical soundwise? I would rather buy new than ebay and i had a look on the equipment section too, but lack the knowledge really to make a decision all by myself. So digital in/out with timer ( oh and longplay ) recording, good sound quality and around £200, if you could give me any advice please. Thanks.
  5. Im after a md deck seperate unit, it must have digital in and out and timer recording. Price is not a major issue, but the cheaper unit that does the job, then definitely the better. Thanks for any advice, and thanks for recommending the dr420, im very pleased with it.
  6. Can you transfer openMG files through digital? I have the Sharp DR-420H and i've used both Beatjam and Sonicstage 1.5, and neither will recognise the unit through the digital out on my soundcard ( Terratec DMX 6fire) , only through the USB connection. I can run a digital radio via my PC to the minidisc unit no problems. So i guess either you cant do it, or there is a setting along the line somewhere that i need to change? Thanks for any help.
  7. First link doesnt work for me Kurisu.
  8. Is there anywhere i can download Sonicstage? Ive been searching around and it is appears to be a Sony product, so i guess you cant even buy it on its own, it just comes as part of the package with Sony MD units? But i guessed wrong before so hopefully im wrong again! If there is a free download out there somewhere please let me know! Thanks for your help people, its much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the advice . I got the DR420 and its great, everything i wanted. My only small gripe is with the Beatjam software, which seems to assume that i'm a criminal for a start. I guess that OpenMg is a Sharp / Beatjam only format and that this program is the only one you can use?? Thanks again.
  10. hello again , thanks for your advice kurisu. the dr420 sounds perfect, its just on my research , it doesnt seem to have timer recording, which is pretty much essential to what i need. if im correct and it doesnt, is there a good alternative that does? with similar spec to the sharp model in all other respect? ive tried looking myself , but im a complete newbie and feel a little out of depth choosing without advice. im willing to pay a little (or quite a bit) more if needs be. thanks again.
  11. ***edit*** thanks for the reply. i said i couldnt get hold of this unit before i had to edit the entire post! ive found it for £109 on amazon uk. i just have one more question for you. i am also thinking of buying a digital radio separate ( pure drx 701es). ive sure i can connect the minidisc recorder to this. but can i set a record timer on the 420H to record my show? once again thanks for your help.
  12. hello people, i need some advice please on which mobile player to buy (my first). what i need it for is to record my favourite radio show once a week(ahem)thru either my stereo or pc to a top quality storage type thing! soon im going to get a digital radio. and occasionally i might load some mp3s on to it. id like something that is nice and loud thru the headphones for drum n bass, hiphop, etc. im prepared to pay up to £150 ( i live in the uk, i dont know the conversion rate) but something that aint far off that spec for a lot cheaper will do me. thanks for any help.
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