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  1. That pretty much says it all. I'm open to trades, I have a spare RH-1 in excellent condition and a pristine NH-1 with 2 charging stands.
  2. I've just done some business with Kanoya, package arrived fairly quickly. I asked him about the NH-1 USB cable, here's his reply: "For the USB cable, kindly note we have for sale that can match the Sony MZ-NH1 on our Yahoo auctions, please see below link for your reference: http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k153436693 Please review and advise if this USB cable is the Right one that your friend is looking for? If ok, our best price including shipping cost is $30/pc (by Air Mail without tracking number service). If he needs, we will sell it on eBay specially for him. The price might be a little higher, but kindly note this kind USB cable is rare now and the original cost is high when we bought them from the supplier. Please let us know if it is workable for him?" I received my 10 HI-Md blanks, AC wall charger and charging stand for the NH-1 today from Kanoya. I would say he's reliable and prices were not out of line; if you can't find the part elsewhere for considerably less and from a reputable seller, then go with Kanoya (which apparently is the store name, I believe Mr. Hashikawa is the person you'll deal with. Tell him "eremite" sent you
  3. There's an RH-1 cable going on Ebay right now, you might check to see if it's compatible. It's in the UK and ships internationally, item # 360459848046
  4. About that RH-1, have you parted with it yet? I looked for you on Ebay, gmin7flat5, is that correct? Couldn't find you.
  5. What he said....I'm looking for one too, still nothing on ebay....anyone?
  6. It's been some time since I was last here, I seem to recall a list of portable cd players with optical out. Is it still up somewhere, updated or not? Any availabe new, or suggestions of specific models I might find on Ebay? Thanks, Rick PS: My Sharp 702 (still going strong) originally came with a DC adaptor, 5V & 800ma. I've used a number of replacements over the years, anything with the same specs. I just came across a Sony but it's 6V. I'm guessing it should work and won't fry my player. Am I correct?
  7. Is there a list of currently available dvd/cd players with md conecction ( optical line out). Any suggestions?
  8. My AC adaptor has headed to the last roundup ; anyone have one for sale, or know where I could get a suitable equivalent? I tried Radioshack, nothing there with the right voltage.
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