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  1. That pretty much says it all. I'm open to trades, I have a spare RH-1 in excellent condition and a pristine NH-1 with 2 charging stands.
  2. I've just done some business with Kanoya, package arrived fairly quickly. I asked him about the NH-1 USB cable, here's his reply: "For the USB cable, kindly note we have for sale that can match the Sony MZ-NH1 on our Yahoo auctions, please see below link for your reference: http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k153436693 Please review and advise if this USB cable is the Right one that your friend is looking for? If ok, our best price including shipping cost is $30/pc (by Air Mail without tracking number service). If he needs, we will sell it on eB
  3. There's an RH-1 cable going on Ebay right now, you might check to see if it's compatible. It's in the UK and ships internationally, item # 360459848046
  4. About that RH-1, have you parted with it yet? I looked for you on Ebay, gmin7flat5, is that correct? Couldn't find you.
  5. What he said....I'm looking for one too, still nothing on ebay....anyone?
  6. It's been some time since I was last here, I seem to recall a list of portable cd players with optical out. Is it still up somewhere, updated or not? Any availabe new, or suggestions of specific models I might find on Ebay? Thanks, Rick PS: My Sharp 702 (still going strong) originally came with a DC adaptor, 5V & 800ma. I've used a number of replacements over the years, anything with the same specs. I just came across a Sony but it's 6V. I'm guessing it should work and won't fry my player. Am I correct?
  7. Is there a list of currently available dvd/cd players with md conecction ( optical line out). Any suggestions?
  8. My AC adaptor has headed to the last roundup ; anyone have one for sale, or know where I could get a suitable equivalent? I tried Radioshack, nothing there with the right voltage.
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