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  1. Hello kurisu, thanks for clarifying things for me. Well i have come to the conclusion that the best way to transfer my mp3's to md will be via a soundcard with the optical cable. I currently have onboard sound which is terrible. No optical out and heaps of noise via the analogue cable. So i need to invest in a soundcard. I am in Melbourne, Australia but do not mind using the net to purchase a card. Does anyone know of some cards that would be ideal in my situation? I heard the CHAINTECH AV-710 http://www.chaintech.com.tw/tw/eng/product...No=16&PISNo=199 is a good card at a great price but i cannot seem to find it or a company willing to ship to Australia... I need optical out. Another thing is that i am on a very tight budget as i am studying at uni and am poor!!! i gotta eat, but i gotta some tunes for my md! Any help would be great.... Jules
  2. Hello Everyone. I have had a minidisc for a few years and have just thought to do some research on the internet. I'm very glad i cam across this site. My friend just bought a net MD (Sony MZ-N510) which i have connected to my computer. I have installed Sonic Stage 2. I currently own a Sony MZ-R500 (Recordable but not net md) I also have a Kenwood in car MD Unit that is only capable of play tracks recorded in short play. I have a large collection of mp3's recorded at 192kbps. I want to use the Sony MZ-N510 to transfer these mp3's onto an MD. I would like these to be of the highest quality so I need them to be in Short Play. This will also mean i can use them in my car unit. I heard you can do this with Sonic Stage 2. 1. Is this correct? 2. If so is there a check in limit and how does one get around this? I hear you can use Simple Burner and Nero... 3. Does this only produce LP2 to the MD? 4. Is there any other methods or programs i can use to transfer mp3's from my computer to my minidisc in short play with the best possible quality via the usb interface? Well thats all i can think of at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jules
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