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  1. It's a shame that this would cause a problem; but at least I know precisely what the problem was! Thanks for the information.
  2. I'm having a bit of a problem with Sonicstage's behaviour with converted ATRACs. First off, I had a few CDs encoded onto 256kb/s; then I had them converted onto LP2 and now, they all have the 2 second gap between the tracks. It's actually kind of frustrating for me, since they end in a little loud click; I can understand (in a sense) why this happens, but is there any way to stop it?
  3. I've thought that; but it's fairly hard to see anything inside; it's okay though, I've sent the thing off on warranty for repairs already. I just hope it never happens again; but the way I see it, it's prone to break again. I lost $20 in minidiscs (AU, mind you) before I figured the thing was buggered.
  4. My thoughts exactly; I'm having it checked under warranty tomorrow; I'm very annoyed at this though, very annoyed. The way I see it, this'll never be fixed properly, when Sony or whatever company repairs my MD, I suppose it'll probably snap again in a few months.
  5. I used to love the idea of MDs; I have a stack sitting in my room, a nice MZ-N910 which I love and am very proud of. Till about a few months ago. I didn't realise it then, I just thought it was a one off thing, but now I am very sure that my NetMD is corrupting every MD it records on. I basically go into Sonicstage (Version 1.55, but I doubt that matters; even microphone recordings are corrupted.) and record anything. I'll finish, take the MD out, and put it back in; sure enough, the predictable "READ ERROR" appears. I'm angry, and worried at the same time. I've read about this in the forums; the infamus ribbon cable feeding the magnetic head snapping; however, most threads are saying that this doesn't affect the newer generation MZ NetMDs, namely mine, the MZ-N910. Now that I know this is common, I'm taken aback on my zealous love of MDs, but at the same time, releived that it's common and probably easily fixable. I just need confirmation that this also affects MZ-N910 NetMDs. Thank god I payed for that 5 year extended warranty.
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