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  1. My headphones have started to break in one ear (after buying this minidisc player and having infinite problems with it I have decided never to buy anything made by Sony ever again. Are they simply unable to make things which dont fall apart in 5 seconds?) and I'd like to get a replacement set. Basically Im looking for those basic ones with the short cord that you plug into the remote control so that I dont end up getting tangled up in masses of wire. Want to get some off ebay if possible, but I dont know what to type into the seach engine. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Thanks, you've both been a great help to a novice like me!
  3. Hey thanks to you for replying! No my model doesnt have a radio. Does this make a difference to what you've both said?
  4. I have a Sony Net MD MZ-N520s. The control stick on it has broken and I need to get a new one. Being a poor student I decided that Ebay was the best bet but Im not sure which ones are compatible with my player. Many of them say "suitable for most recent MDs." However my original control does not have a screen (there are just buttons) and most of the ones on ebay do - does this mean they won't work for me? Speedy help would be great, there's an action over in a few days that I'd quite like to get in on if I can! Thanks
  5. Hey I recently got a MD player from a friend (a good friend!) as my walkman broke. It does not have a record facility. I am a total novice to the whole thing so what do I do now? How do I get music onto a minidisc?
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