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  1. I gotcha...I already did the keywizard thing. I understand it won't play Atrac. However, for the moment, I can't even open GYM... Should I try the previous version of GYM??? Otherwise, once I get GYM up and running, do I just place the icon on the desktop - i.e. no install? Or is keywizard the install? To be clear - where exactly do I put the program? Thanks again...
  2. Yeah, I ran keywizard, device is on... Stuge, What do you mean by "Put the crack number equal to the number of tracks in Keywizad procedure"? I'm not a computer expert, so if you could explain in laymen's terms, that would be great...
  3. Help! I can't open GYM. I just installed GYM, following the instructions on the website. I keep getting this error message: "an unhandled exception has occurred in your application..." If I click continue, I just keep getting same error message, and can't open the program. Please help! Thanks.
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