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  1. Okay - sounds like I'm safe, then! Thanks!
  2. Huh? I have them uploaded as .wav files. Does that help?
  3. Okay, I haven't used my MZ-NH900 since I bought this new computer this fall. But my Zoom H4 is defective, so I'm going back to my trusty minidisc to record myself playing flute. When I go to the SonicStage 4.3 links here on MDCF, I'm taken to page with Japanese (?) characters that I can't understand. Where can I download Sonic Stage? Basically, the only thing I want/need to do is transfer live recordings to computer. Is sonic stage all I need? Do I need a separate driver as well? Thanks in advance for help! (Vista Home Premium - yuck I miss my old XP Pro)
  4. I think I know the answer, but just checking anyway... Is the only way to transfer a protected wma file to the MD unit by burning the file to wma, then ripping with Simple Burner or SS? My public library allows card holders to download audio books. They're protected wma files. I'd like to put them on the MD, but burning/ripping tons of CDs is not my idea of fun... is there an easier way? Thanks.
  5. You know I just checked again - it DOESN'T say "protected." I must have looked at the wrong file the first time, because some of them DO say "protected." But these don't. So why can't I import? (I get the error msg that it "does not support this file format.") Yet if I first use iTunes to convert to mp3, it will import fine.
  6. Oh, dang, wish I had known about that program a long time ago! Yeah, I can go the CD route - it's such a pain, though.
  7. I'd love an integrated podcast manager so I don't have to flip flop between iTunes (or whatever one) and SS importing files and whatnot. This would make transferring to the unit quicker, and deleting them quicker after I'm done with them. (I don't save the podcasts after I listen to them.) I would LOVE to be able to download podcasts directly to MD without even putting them on the computer to begin with. Like Simple Burner but for podcasts... I love my MD player, and the removable media, and the excellent live recording, but the hassle of the software isn't worth it (to me)as it stands. If I had to replace it, at the moment, I'd by an iPod and an edirol recorder, unless this whole software/proprietary issue was fixed... A couple other options I'd love to see: I often find myself wishing that when I hit "delete" on a song in a playlist, I was given the option to delete it from My Library as well as just deleting it from the playlist. Oh - one more thing - it'd be nice to be able to "normalize" a minidisc itself, not just a CD. Maybe you can do this these days... I haven't checked lately.
  8. Hmm I don't know... ah yes.... it says "proctected" file - that must be the DRM, no? Which would explain the problem.
  9. Aren't I supposed to be able to import AAC (m4a) into SS 4.0? Says so in the "help" anyway... I just get an error message giving various reasons why the import isn't working (incompatible file type, file can't be found, unusual characters in file name...) It's an itunes podcast, and is within the required bit rate...
  10. Oh! Glad I checked!! So yes, you can use it to convert tracks you purchased from Connect.
  11. Okay - I'm confused. Now that I can use SS to convert the music I've recorded using the Hi-MD to .wav, do I need renderer? I mean - can renderer convert music purchased through Connect Store to .wav?
  12. What software is that? Something new Sony is coming up with to replace SS, or the ever more popular competitor's software.
  13. Just wondering... Every bit of software I own has an option under the "Help" menu item called "Update" Just click, and the software updates itself. Why doesn't SS have this? And why does Sony make it so hard to find the update and it's features? At least I can find them here easily enough... Seems dumb, but maybe I'm missing something.
  14. Um, I've been a bit out of the loop... but, I thought you couldn't take iTunes stuff and put in on the MD player so easily because of the file format incompatiblity. Am I missing something? I thought you had to burn a CD using iTunes and then re-rip, or record in real time using the optical cord etc. Someone bring me up to speed! Thanks. Also - the blog link says to import the SOny Music into iTunes. How do you do it? iTunes doesn't seem to support the .omg files. At least nothing happens when I go that route.
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