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  1. It was already taken at 17:30 EST but thanks!
  2. Whatever you do, DO NOT combine the tracks on the recorder. Just connect and identify which tracks you need (take a quick listen,etc), upload those tracks and then use the combine function in Sonic Stage. Don't delete the tracks on the Hi-MD until you have everything combined in SS.
  3. If you are using the RH910 or any of the 2nd Gen Hi-MD units, you don't have to transfer to ATRAC, just make sure your transfer settings are set to "Standard Transfer Mode" which will leave it as an mp3 that will play as an mp3 on the Hi-MD.
  4. I have used the regular 9v battery boxes but am going 48v preamp these days with great results. See the thread and pictures here: Beachtek DXA-10 Here are some samples: Derek Trucks Band 12-28-05 Steve Kimock Band 1-21-06
  5. Really like these skins. Does anybody have the skills to create some more? If so, keep the forum updated. Thanks for the tip! As for EQ, I have a decent 5.1 setup, so I get by with the subwoofer controller...
  6. Have you check to see if you have your unit in Quick mode? That's what it reads like to me. It makes the unit respond faster but also takes juice to keep it in that state.
  7. I thought it might be Firefox but even if I change the Default browser in XP to IE, I still have the same issue. Thanks for keeping this issue updated.
  8. Any luck with this problem. I still see the MDCF for about 3 seconds and then the error message!
  9. Same here! I see the forums for about 2 secs and then it tells me I need to be connected. Never had that happen before 3.4
  10. The usual Archive download (with Ogg, FLAC and MP3 choices available) is here Steve Kimock Band 2006-01-21 Live Music Archive Download
  11. http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=21966 Bit Torrent file is ready for download! Enjoy! Go Panthers!
  12. I sold my NH900 when I bought my RH10 last April. Never regretted it but I did get an RH910 a little later cause I wanted to have a 2nd unit for hot-swapping and for general long trip music playing. I think the RH10 is a little heavier but definitely smaller. It fits in minidisc pouch/cases with the AA attachment that would not fit the NH900 with AA attachment. The NH900, while metal on the top lid, always felt fragile. The top lid was made of some seriously thin metal and I was always afraid of bending the metal lip. Not a problem with the RH10 or RH910. The USB connection on the NH900 was a fragile piece of hanging plastic, I prefer the sliding door of the RH10. The AA attachment on the NH900 always looked like an afterthought, it didn't even fit the side of the NH900 and looked like it could easily break. I think the AA attachment on the RH10/RH910 have a much better fit and less prone to breaking off, not that either could withstand a major blow. While we are comparing, I have found the battery life, with AA attachment, to be better with the RH10/RH910. I record most live concerts in PCM and really have noticed an improvement with the RH10. While, I miss the line out, digital amp and the ability to record MDLP on the NH900...the OLED, battery life, MP3 playback and better construction of the RH10 are more than worthy as a replacement. My opinion and experience only, your mileage may vary...
  13. Yes, it shows recording levels on the 40ELK with the RH10 in pause-REC.
  14. The hiss is probably NOT from the low battery but more from the amplification you are employing to hear it at such low levels. Like A440 stated, normalize the tracks first and you will need far less artificial amplification to hear what you recorded. In fact, low battery on the MD won't affect what is recorded, just how long you can record. The battery box really only needs a little juice to power mics. So, more than likely, you should be able to fix your problem with a good normalization. Good luck
  15. Where did you read about this "backward" charge? I find that interesting. I ALWAYS use the AA attachment with a gumstick when recording live music. Am I shortening my battery life? I really don't think so at least from my own personal experience. I would appreciate more information about the combo of the gumstick and AA.
  16. Hey Chris- The files are being uploaded to the etree server since the BT is now seeded and running fast. I usually slow my upload on the BT after it gets seeded and then use the upload bandwidth for the FTP upload to the etree server. One of the better Derek Trucks shows IMO. BTW, in case you don't know...he will be a member of Eric Clapton's band starting April 2nd, at least for the 2006 tour. He will still be playing with the Allman Brothers and his own band, which has a new CD on Columbia House coming out in February. Gave them a stealth show I did of them with the Jacksonville Symphony orchestra with the RH10 back in October and he actually mentioned that show today on an Atlanta radio interview. Not my recording, but the show. I guess they listened to my recording on the bus from Charlotte to Atlanta today. Well, I guess I can see I am exhausted cause I am running my fingers/mouth. Well, I will post the Archive link (will have mp3 or ogg along with FLAC) for everyone who might be bandwidth challenged. While I have the forum's attention, Happy 2006 to you all. Thanks for the sense of community and great resource offered here. I will have my RH10 with me in Seattle for a show at Jazz Alley on NYE. Folks were impressed with the OLED as usual last night on the RH10. That's why I love it for open taping. You can watch those meters and enjoy the show. Well, okay, enjoy!
  17. BT Torrent Link: dtb2005-12-28flac16 Needs a kickstart. Enjoy!
  18. If your RH10 can do that why shouldn't others be able to do the same thing with a change to the firmware/settings?
  19. Doesn't the RH10 in Japan have a backlight remote? Does it offer a menu for backlighting on the remote?
  20. Never had any problems with dividing tracks uploaded from the Hi-MD. This started with SS3.3 But then again, this problem got me back to CD WAV which I had forgotten was far easier to use and had a visual display for splitting tracks. I won't even bother tracking on the Hi-MD anymore. Thanks for the reply.
  21. I have used SS to split uploaded tracks since October 2004 without any problems. I have had some problems with 3.3 dividing tracks. Seems I get about half way through and then an error occurs. The last time, I had moved a track from another album, renamed the track and then attempted to divide the track. Well, it didn't like that. It wouldn't let me play the track either. SS wanted to connect to find the license or something like that...It's that damn DRM getting in the way, cause it's in the "registering track" phase that I get the error. Luckily, we now have the unlimited upload feature to keep me from going insane. My masters on my discs don't go anywhere until I have the tracks split, normalized (if needed) and converted to FLAC and archived. I am now planning to just use CD WAV to split my tracks, can't trust SS anymore with these PCM WAV file splitting. It's far easier that SS and I enjoy the visual track display and ease of archiving after I am done with the splits. In case you haven't read anything about it before...CD WAVE download Just my observation and plan. Anybody else having problems with SS 3.3 on the divide track feature after upload?
  22. Did anyone else note on the Minidisc Canada page the units have Australian voltage???
  23. No, on the AC power... Just 9v DC power. Big difference? Not yet but I have only been testing with medium SPL subjects. Once I record some Govt Mule in a few weeks I will let you know...
  24. Here's a pictorial for my new dual channel phantom power preamp going into my RH-10 or RH910 Hi-MD. Looking forward to testing this out in full fashion at the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam benefit on the 17th. Although the Reactive Sounds Boost Box was a great 9v preamp, I found I needed more dynamic range for loud shows, especially those with some bass. I almost 95% open tape so stealth was not a primary focus. Will put some sound samples in the gallery when available... M
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