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  1. I would be interested in dealing with shipping to Japan if you are interested.
  2. Well, now that I have my Sony PCM-D50, I don't need 2 Hi-MDs for the hot swap at 94 mins. So, I want to offer a great package deal on my trusty RH910 Hi-MD with tons of used blank Hi-MDs, a few MDs, some cases, a non-LCD remote, carry bag (MDCASE3) along with all the included accessories with the RH190 (manual, battery, USB cable, headphones). In the package: 1. Used RH910 Hi-MD (some scratches on front glossy but otherwise in great shape and fully functional with no known issues) 2. 11 used Hi-MD blanks with 2 soft 5 MD cases 3. 9 used MD blanks with 1 hard MD case 4. 1 New Hi-MD blank 5. Extra battery carrying case for gumstick 6. MDCASE3 carrying bag (great for keeping the RH910 protected) 7. Wired Remote (it came with my RH10 but I have the fancy RM-MC40ELK with LCD readout that I am keeping for my RH10).This remote will take the RH910 out of pause+record if you are stealthing and don't want to take the HI-MD out in the open, you can just use the remote (it also has a hold lock and will control the Hi-MD unit even if the Hi-MD is in hold lock). 8. Everything that shipped with the RH910. I got it from Sony Style back in spring 2005 and it has been my back-up unit and treated very well in a smoke free home. Here's some pictures below of the package. I really want this to go out as one deal. I would like to get $200 plus shipping for the whole deal. Shipping and paypal charges will be extra, we can negotiate on that.
  3. Chris hangs out at taperssection.com forums and appears to be very knowledgeable about mics and preamps. Rave reviews over there about his products. I personally don't own anything but have had good experience asking him questions and think he makes sense on his posts. Just my .02.
  4. I would have to say the Sharp DR7 was by far my favorite MDLP player. The MXD-D400 is a bad mamajamma too. The mp3 player on the CD side was one of the best for ease of controls and use. The editing functions on the MD side were very sophisticated and had Hi-MD not come about, I would still be using it today...
  5. Ok, I changed my mind after spending some time reading more about the Roland R-09. The flash recorders look promising but I have to say I am comfortable with the RH1 and will stick with 16/44.1 for now. Thanks for looking. I am not accepting any offers for the RH1 at this time.
  6. Although I really dig the Sony RH1 and the minidisc format, the RH1 is just too small for my big old fingers to operate in open taping situations. I think I am going to let go of my Sony RH1 that I bought last spring. I have everything that shipped with the unit from Sony Style USA, including the original packaging. I will also throw in: 15 Hi-MDs (open and used): at least $30 value Sorry, I have 10 Hi-MDs to get rid of, not 15. Price bumped down $10 1 extra Lithium Ion battery: $20 value 1 Energizer battery pack with 2 lithium ion AAs for charging on the go (unopened, paid $20 at Best Buy) allows you to charge away from the computer or AC power sources I can post some pictures later tonight. I am looking to get at least $300 $290 for this offer. That would mean the RH1 is going for around $230. That's a steal in my book. Shipping and paypal charges will be EXTRA. It's in great shape and has been in a smoke-free home since purchase. I will be keeping the old RH910 mule for stealth recording opportunities that might arise and as a back-up to my new Edirol R-09. Plus, I still like the flexibility of the AA sidecar for long playing times... Send me a PM and make your best offer! Thanks!
  7. Next time, I highly recommend you upload and convert to WAV one big file or large files if you happen to get any track marks and then use CD WAVE to make track marks. It will even save in FLAC format for you. Saves a lot of time and one of the best programs you can buy for $15 but it is shareware and unrestricted to try. I have had no trouble using bt.etree.org but I do like the archive's new upload features. good luck and welcome to the taper world. Please do me a favor and stop referring to your recordings as bootlegs. If a band allows the recording and you don't sell it, it's not a bootleg. Cool?
  8. I have had problems with the remote connected when going in via the MIC input. Whenever you change levels it does give some static diginoise. That was my experience with the RH10 and the RH1. I have even noticed some without the remote when changing levels on the RH1 going MIC input. But, I usually go LINE INPUT with a preamp but do stealth with the MIC input. Best advice when going MIC input is to find a good level and leave that thing alone (to quote Rush) you can always normalize for higher levels later.
  9. I enjoyed your review, thanks for posting. I wanted to point out one place that might need your review... As for the act of recording, this is also the best Sony MD ever. There are multiple modes to choose, from uncompressed CD-quality audio to highly-compressed ATRAC audio to cram as much audio on a disc as possible. Whenever I can I try to use the uncompressed mode (16bit 44.1 Khz) at a bitrate of 1.4 mbps, in order to preserve as much quality as possible. But I do also use HI-SP mode, which gives me about 12 hours of stereo audio on one Hi-SP at a bitrate of about 292kbps. Hi-SP is actually 256k and SP is 292k. You can only get about 7 1/2 hours on the 1G Hi-MDs. Otherwise, looks great!
  10. Funny, the RH1 is no longer listed on the Best Buy site, I tried searching with no luck. Let me know if you find another link...
  11. Again, great review and thanks for the links and pricing. Made my day! Makes me long for the days when I lived in the Pacific NW and had access to great craft beers. Can be a long mile between down here in the South. But, again thanks for the mobile charging update and testing/pictorial!
  12. anybody in Atlanta should swing over to the 5 Spot (Little 5 Points area) tonight, 8/31/06 and check out the Yonrico Scott Band. They are very taper friendly and then you can upload to the www.archive.org and share it with the rest of the world. Talk to Marty, he's the sound guy and you can even get a soundboard patch from the band. Wish I could make it!!!
  13. I can hear more mechanisms moving inside the player when using the blue as opposed to the purple. The casing just doesn't mask the sound as well as the purple. Happens with almost all of them and I have over 20 blue and about 10 purple.
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