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  1. I got my MZ-S1 at Best Buy on clearance in August 2004 and it's probably gets the most use of any of my 3. I take it on morning walks about 4 days a week. It goes to the gym and every now and then I use it to record. It's my lawn mower music player! I have to say it's gotten a fair use since I got it. I really like the seals that keep out the moisture and I have gotten used to the joystick when out walking, even with gloves on now that the weather is colder. I actually use my RH910 or RH10 to record in NetMd for the S1 since it requires you to use battery or AC power. I like to keep display on Remaining time since it actually scrolls the song title. The orange display really freaked my wife one night when I was in bed listening to some tunes and the display light illuminated when I changed the volume. She was very surprised about the illumination and the color. Overall, it cost me nothing since I had a gift certificate. It's been a solid portable music player for me. I just can't see taking the RH910 out in the mist and cold for a walk when the S1 does the job. The one feature that makes the S1 standout over the Hi-MDs is the battery life. I use a rechargeable NiMh AA and I don't worry about battery life for weeks when just playing tunes. I think I would "guestimate" at least 40 to 50 hours with 1 AA listening to LP2 tracks. It's an amazing battery life for 1 AA. Mp3 players and Hi-MD can't even begin to touch the battery life of the S1. Never had any other Sony NetMDs so I don't know how that compares. Doesn't seem to affect the battery life with the orange display. Not sure why Sony didn't use that technology more with other models. But, in the end the OLED of the RH10 is preferred... Really, I Love my S1 and I highly recommend it if you see it on clearance and want a solid NetMD device for outdoor and portable applications. P.S. I am in Ohio (in the snow staring at the inlaws)right now and I don't have the player with me but I think it has Type R on the unit. I will have to check my manual when I get home for any other Type references.
  2. I have definitely noticed a HUGE improvement for transfers speeds of MP3 files and ATRAC files in 3.2 and even faster in 3.3. Not much has changed on my system but it is noticeable to me.
  3. Evidently they fixed this issue with 3.2 cause I am at work this morning and listening to my mp3 files off my Hi-MD via SS 3.2 (USB connection- read "no battery operation"). So, I take it 3.2 slipped this feature in. Anybody got 3.1 for a test? I really can't remember when I found the problem but it was after I got my RH910 (which was May 2005 timeframe). I remember posting about it but I think it got purged with some of the forum downtime. Regardless, it's a great feature that saves time. Anybody else notice how FAST mp3 and ATRAC3 files load via SS 3.3? If SS 3.3 is the last version, at least I can live with what it offers. See ya and Happy Thanksgiving to all in North America and around the World.
  4. Having been frustrated with the lack of playback support in Sonic Stage for mp3 tracks transferred to Hi-MD. I know you can playback mp3 files on the unit but I am talking about when you have the unit connected to SS via USB. Well, I tried it again tonight with SS3.3 and it works. Before, I always got the message about playback is not supported,etc. It really saves me a ton of trouble for getting files to listen to while at work. Now, I can keep mp3 shows I get off the Live Music Archive,etc in the mp3 format. Thank you Sony for getting more of these annoying little tweaks out of the way. Hi-MD rules! Off on the highway with the family tomorrow with a plenty of tunes thanks to Hi-MD. In mp3 and ATRAC Hi-SP and Hi-LP ready to roll!!!
  5. That did NOT work in April when I had both the NH900 and the RH10 with the 40ELK. It was one of the reasons I sold my first 40ELK with the NH900...
  6. I think you are talking about the OLED screen on the RH10, not the small screen on the 40ELK. Am I right? Sure, my OLED will always stay on, but the 40ELK will NOT. There are no settings in the menu on the RH10 like the NH900 and the NH1.
  7. Any interest? Going to eBay by weekend...
  8. Consider it confirmed by me that you cannot keep the backlight lit on the 40ELK when connected with a RH10 or RH910.
  9. For Sale: 9v Reactive Sounds Boost box preamp http://reactivesounds.com/spa2.php Excellent condition, works great. Excellent choice for stealth operations or otherwise. Clipping light is very valuable for night clubs and night shows. Got new in April, 2005. $125 shipped in US. I'm going phantom and won't need this anymore. I almost 99.9% open tape and I need something to push 48v phantom power. If you are looking for a battery box with adjustable gain, then this is the box. Highly recommended for MD recordists. PM if interested.[attachmentid=972]
  10. Thanks Dex- That explains why I have never had this problem before, I usually go Line in for all of my recordings. Didn't even think about that being the issue until your post. Thanks again. Mark
  11. I still need to do some more testing but that was the only difference in the 2 sets and it's very noticeable. Either way, I think the remote is the culprit. Bottom line, if you use a remote during recording, you run the risk of some interference.
  12. Here's a great tip for those with a RM-40ELK remote: leave the inline filters that came with the remote in place or you may get some annoying static type interference on your precious stealth recordings. I stealthed a symphony performance with a favorite rock band last week in Jacksonsville, FL. The first set I used the 40ELK with the RH10 in my pocket. Due to the lack of hassle and good cover, I took the RH10 and put it between my legs during the second set. I also removed the remote. Good thing, the first set is marred by interference every time I touched the remote to look at the recording levels (usually involved manipulating the volume to get the illumination). The second set without the remote had none of the static interference. I have recorded with that 40ELK manytimes and NEVER had a problem but something was different this time... I had removed the lead line filter that came with the remote so that it would fit easier in a carrying case. Well, there's a reason that filter is on the line. Lesson learned: leave that big bulky filter on the line of your remote if you plan to do any recording with it attached. Happy taping! ***Edit (10/18/05): THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE IN MIC INPUT RECORDINGS, THIS DOES NOT AFFECT LINE INPUT***
  13. Thanks for the reply. I was also thinking of adding some Hosa line transformers for a little added gain when the source isn't so loud...
  14. I have a question about Phantom Power... If I ran my AT853 mics with just phantom power and no preamp, would I have a problem with a low recording levels due to lack of gain (which I presume would be provided by the preamp)? In other words, is a phantom power supply just a 48v battery box? I realize there is an equipment change that is necessary but I am strongly considering it for very loud shows...
  15. Current MDs: Daily use: RH910 (at work and in car) with RM-40ELK remote Daily use: MZ-S1 (walking outdoors/gym) Recording use: RH10 Please keep moving forward with Hi-MD. Tapers are just getting to know about the format and its advantages. It would be a shame to see it go away with so much untapped potential for Live Recording. Regardless of the course of your R&D, please continue to produce blank Hi-MDs for those who have the units today and continue to use them. A car deck would also be a very welcomed addition to the Hi-MD lineup.
  16. In order to set Rec Mode, you do not set the record pause. You should be able to access Rec Mode when the player is stopped. Check your menu view. Is your menu view set to Advanced or Simple?
  17. There is a site that was working until a few weeks ago: Bands That Allow Taping but not sure why it's not working any more. It does take input and edits (when it's working). Not all inclusive by any means but still handy and informative (when working). You can check on Etree for more info about bands or even www.archive.org (exhaustive list).
  18. Seems like the NH900 is a little wider than the RH910/10 form. It might be tight. I tried with the remote attached today and I was still able to get the zipper over it without too much problem.
  19. Well, I sent the RH10 to Laredo afterall. Took a great of explaining on the phone with Sony but they did finally send me a UPS pre-paid label and it has been received in Laredo. Hoepfully, I will have it back before the Allman Brothers Band plays with moe. in Charlotte in October. I have 6th row, dead center!!!
  20. Needed to do something to occupy my mind after watching too many horrific scenes of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast disaster... sorry if my blatant consumerism bothers you... Just got my new "Clemson" Orange and Purple MD case from eBay vendor: Heidi Yeung's Kingdom. As a Clemson graduate (c/o 92), orange and purple are some of my favorite colors. I was looking for a case smaller than the Sony armband carry case, which I have, to carry my RH910 or RH10 when a small protective case is needed. I found this little gem on ebay for $10.99 which included shipping from Hong Kong. Just got it today. Fits the RH910 and 1 blank HiMD like a glove. Even has a stretch band to hold the MD unit in place. It's a soft neoprene covering with strong stitches. Nice MD logo on the front too. Just thought I would share... [attachmentid=806] [attachmentid=808]<---Empty case [attachmentid=807] [attachmentid=810] [attachmentid=813] [attachmentid=812] RH910 and 1 HiMD blank inside [attachmentid=811]
  21. If you need Phantom Power 48v, you won't get it from the Mic Input on the MD unit. That Mic Input gives bias voltage (5v to 9v) and will not power mics that require Phantom power. You will need an external phantom power or preamp then connect to the MD unit via LINE INPUT, not MIC INPUT.
  22. I just posted some Bruce Hornsby from 8-20-05 in 256k mp3. I will work on something from Drivin N Cryin tonight and some more Hornsby.
  23. I understand somewhat about the cardioid sound but the omnis pickup too much other noise for me BUT for outdoor shows it usually does sounds better from omnis. It's a toss up. I guess I could try my omnis via the Boost Box sometime in the future... I will try my best to post something in the gallery from that show and the Bruce Hornsby 8-20-05 when I get a chance later this week. Can we now post FLAC in the gallery or would a 256k mp3 be okay?
  24. http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=17715 Use this link instead. I made a change to the Text file and that messed everything for the Torrent. Sorry for the hassle.
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