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  1. My apologies for infuriating some of the members on here. I did not foresee that selling clearly stated non-functioning equipment would cause such an uproar. I have modified my posting to include details of the unit's condition and have taken down the asking price. Do not paint me as a sleazebag who is trying to pawn off faulty equipment. The reason why I posted the MT831 on here is because I have no intention of fixing the unit, so if someone else wants to buy the unit and do the repair themself, the unit is available for them.
  2. First up for grabs: *** Sony MZ-RH10 Portable MiniDisc Recorder (Blue) *** SOLD Original ownerPurchased in JapanExcellent conditionIncludes all original accessories (remote, headphones, AA battery extension, manuals, etc.)***SOLD***PayPal only Secondly: Sharp MD-MT831 Portable MiniDisc Recorder (Blue) Second ownerIncludes all original accessories (remote, headphones, AA battery extension, manuals, etc.), except boxUnit does not record or play. Unit displays "Can'tREADa" error after TOC read (see picture below). The error occured after not being used for about a year, in my posession. I do not know how the unit was damaged and I have never dropped the unit. The unit was in perfect working condition prior to this occurence and is still in pristine cosmetic condition. I have not attempted to fix the unit.Accepting offersPayPal only
  3. I put in another blank disc, and SS not only recognized the RH10, but also acknowledged that it was blank! Eureka! I'm apalled at how long SP transfers take, however. I was aware of this problem in the first generation of NetMD, but I figured that the problem would have been solved by now.
  4. Computer specs: Intel 1.73GHz Centrino 512MB RAM Windows XP Pro (5.1.2600 SP2) My system is practically fresh (new computer, with clean install of OS). I performed the initial install of SonicStage 3.1 (first version of SS ever installed on my computer), plugged in my RH10 (JE), and it was not recognized by SonicStage. Then I tried Ishi's procedure, but still SonicStage still did not recognize the RH10. I performed a clean reinstall, according to the directions in the FAQ. The first run of SonicStage recognized the RH10, but the blank disc (regular MD) I put inside was recognized with data on it. I removed the disc to put into my MD deck to check that it was blank; it had been formated to Hi-MD. I placed the same disc back into the recorder, and now SonicStage is back to not recognizing the player. Please provide me with further instruction on how to get my RH10 up and running with my computer; I'd rather not have to resort to installing the German version of the software to get it to work. PS. I am utterly disgusted with how such an expensive product utilising technology developed over 2 years ago could still be so incompatible with its own software. Shame on Sony. I envy all of you NetMD/Hi-MD users who have successfully used SonicStage. I'd love to get this working so that I can actually enjoy my RH10.
  5. My only SP-only unit is the Sharp MT831, but it's my favourite unit of all the ones I own (including MDLP units). I've never really used MDLP anyway, so the 831 feels like a fully functional unit. What I really like about it are the details - I think it was a pioneer for MD units. The charging cradle is really well thought out, allowing operation while charging the battery. It has features, which may have been the first time implemented on an MD unit(not sure about that), such as a defeatable beep and backlight on the remote, as well as defeatable features like auto play. The other thing that I like about the unit is the accessories. The remote is easy to operate with the jog dials, which also come in handy for titling discs. The AA battery pack is also nice and solid, unlike the ones on units from other manufacturers. Of course, there's the meaty 10mWx2 amp, great sound quality, simple layout, solid craftsmanship, and stunning looks. Combine all that, and you've got one solid MD player. I don't use the unit much for recording, but if I did, I'm sure I could write a couple more pages on how well it performs at that as well.
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