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  1. Nero saves images as .nrg files, yet my virtual drive thingamajig only reads .arc .... any way round this?
  2. Hey, how do you get Simple Burner to open the Image files? i can only make it burn Cd's. all Help is 'preciated
  3. How do you get simple burner to open an image file created by Nero.. Help appreciated
  4. (This post has been removed by a moderator. Reason: question already asked multiple times by the same user.)
  5. um, im using 2.0, but it wont transfer my favourtate songs because it cant load the rights
  6. which is the best program to use, seeing as both hate me
  7. What about Realplayer, i hear that can transfer to MD without the guff of ss
  8. I have read that eralplayer will allow users to record to minidisc, will this help???? and will it mean that i can no longer record in LP4 format, beccause that was a major selling factor to me, and to lose it would be a bitter blow
  9. While transferring tracks to my "minidisc archives" i have repeatedly come across a message of "transfer failed: cannot loads rights infromation for selected track, for some of them they are.....from less then legal p2p networking, shall we say. But for most it is from free website downloads and whole albums from CD... Any way around this? OH and help quickly because i'm up to the letter D in my archive, and to re-start will be a lot of work :happy:
  10. *reads solutions* dammit... i thought someone could hack the program or some other clever solution
  11. Yeah i have it now, i was postin while it was dlin
  12. eerrrr, ok..... aparantly you cant check in recorded files..... because my own stuff is copyrighted any ways around this?
  13. I have a Sony MZ-N510 and sonicstage 1.5 (i think) Windows Xp blah blah blah. I'm in a band and am currently recording some stuff to MD, exept everytime i try and check in the file(s) via USB. It comes up with a window saying check in failed.... any ideas? From your NOOOB of a friend okbye
  14. actually, i think ill stick with the lower risk of puttin a label on it : P i think overall its too expensive to be messing around with it... and knowing me ill probably forget to take out a screw or something, then snap the case..... : D oh well
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