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  1. I wonder why the information about the MZ-DH710 has been removed from the announcement ...
  2. As a collector I would like to have my units with the complete scope of supply so I am looking for a printed manual for the Sharp MD-MS200H (I have bought it used). Does anybody know where I can find an English or a German one?
  3. http://dv8shun.tripod.com/mdicons/icons.html
  4. Make sure that the polarity of your replacement adpator is correct. Here is a scan of the type plate of my R30's adaptor (it's a German one, hence the 220-230 V): [attachmentid=61]
  5. I have bought a Sharp MD-DR480 from Nismo96. It was a pleasure to deal with him - the transaction went smoothly and without any problems, and the communicaton was very friendly. Great!
  6. Why do the portable units (except for the first one) have no digital out? Maybe it has turned out that it is requested only by a minority and has been dropped but maybe there's another reason. Do the MiniDisc licensees also have to agree to include or to leave out certain functions or options which are not directly related to the MiniDisc system, for example those which are a part of the interface?
  7. German: native English: could be worse Japanese: on the verge of starting to learn
  8. At the moment it's the compilation "Chicago Soul". . The title of this CD is somewhat misleading as some songs belong to jazz and blues but to hear less-known songs from the Chess label is very pleasing. - I'll fill up this MD with songs from some other great Chess/Argo/Cadet compilations ("The Heating System, "Off The Wall", "Action Line", "Free Soul" and "Inside Out").
  9. Does somebody know where I can find the Sharp MD-DR77 user manual as a PDF file? Unfortunately it is not available at minidisc.org.
  10. Thanks! I wasn't sure if this is a button or only a LED.
  11. I'm confused. minidisc.org's equipment browser mentions "Recording-start button on remote" for the Sharp MD-DR77. Does this mean that there is no recording-start button on the main unit?
  12. The remote of my Panasonic MiniDisc recorder SJ-MR50 has a 2.5 mm plug with a "sleeve". If I use a 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter to connect a standard headphone directly to the unit the internal speaker of the recorder isn't switched off and the headphones don't get a signal. The recorder and the remote work perfectly but I need a plug with this "sleeve" or a second remote for testing purposes. Unfortunately all Panasonic devices which are sold in Germany have a 3.5 mm plug (with this "sleeve", though). Where can I get a replacement remote or a plug/adapter with this "sleeve"? Are there any other Panasonic MiniDisc units with the same connector? I appreciate any help.
  13. Try to enter a different email address and then change it back to your first one - that's how I dealt with the error message "That email address cannot be used as it is already in our records" to re-enter my original forum address.
  14. Thanks, problem solved. Sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees - sorry.
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