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    music, technology, paintball, religion.<br /><br />I'm a vocal performance major and I use my hi-md to do all kinds of live recordings of concerts and gigs and such.

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  1. I've got the RM-MC38EL available or, if I were offered a sufficent compensation, I would part with my RM-MC40ELK. I've got 2 of the former and only 1 of the latter. I've got doubles on all the accessories as well - charging stand, battery, headphones, software cd, obnoxious little cylindrical dealies. etc.
  2. Actually, you don't even need to want the whole kit, I'll sell individual pieces. thanks. p.s. I'm really most interested in my original question.
  3. Okay, What are the little cylindrical dealies on the hi-md usb, power and, most importantly, remotes. Can these be removed with negligible effect? Any guidance would be appreciated. Also, I just ruined my mz-nh900 unit trying to hack it and sent it in to sony for repair. Well, they just sent me a new unit AND all the accessories/mauals etc. Sooooo, if anyone is interested in purchasing a complete mz-nh900 accessories kit since I now have two, drop me an email and we can talk numbers (trust me, I'm not Sony, you'll get a great deal).
  4. Update guys - Sony couldn't fix it and they are sending me a new one!
  5. UGGGGG!!!! Well, this thread spurred me to try this with my NH900. I'm in America, but I bought mine from England (got a hellava good deal) so I figured this would be a good trick. I've done it successfully before on previous units and was successful on mine. Unfortunatley, I decided I couldn't tell a difference, so I decided to switch it back. Again, no problem. Well, as the old saying goes, 3rd times a charm, and I decided to go try some of the other values out to see if my ears liked them better. In the process, I couldn't get into service mode and, in frustration, i spun the jog dial willinilli. Unfortunatley, I had entered service mode, unbenonced to myself and the spinning of the jog dial created some....errors. Now my values are all jakked up . I was dispondant at first. So, after combing through the archives and finding a comprehensive list of values for the unit in question, I began the quest to undo my impatiants. I gave up and sent it back to sony (its still under warrenty). Anyone know if they can or do check that kind of thing? Hopfully it'll be a nice hassle free repair/exchange......ahhahahahahahahaha. From Sony, yeah right. Anyway, just a point and lesson to anyone who deides to do this == it is very simple to do, just give yourself a good 5 seconds for your display to catch up with you and don't punch buttons in frustration.....this could end up being a costly lesson. I'll update you guys if Sony fixes it. If they don't, my premptive question is: Anyone wanna help me fix it
  6. Hi, Another thread I read said that no time stamp on 2nd gen. acording to someone who owns it. Its in the 2004 vs 2005 thread. I've got an MZ-NH700 and 900 and both record outstandingly well. I use it for acoustical recording all the time: Piano, vocal and I've done some guitar and it is incredible! I love PCM, especially using Marc's renderer. Plus, most HDD's won't let you record in PCM, so that is something to cosider as well. Hope that helps.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't call them 'fluff' features, as some of us have a practical applications for them. I agree that the OLED screen is tight, but my backlit remote is just fine for me. I just find it annoying that Sony would remove good features in exchange for native MP3 playback. Why can't it do both? It just dosn't make a whole lot of sense to me.....Sony keeps taking one step forward and then another back. Sittly, silly Sony.
  8. So here is my question: Are the 2005 Hi-MD models everything they're cracked up to be? As I have been researching the new units trying to decide which one I wanted, I actually just upgraded from an MZ-NH700 to the MZ-NH900 instead of a 2005 model. It seems to me that everyone was so excited about the native MP3 playback (which isn't a realy big deal to me) that they diddn't seem to notice that Sony stripped a bunch of features out of the units. For example, I havn't read anything about speed controll options on the new units. I had a whole list of things I was curioius about on the new units and just want to ask the community if anyone has the new units and what their impressions are. Do the product descriptions I've read just neglect to mention certain features, or are they really missing things like speed controll? Any imput would be appreciated.
  9. Questoin for Marc: You kept refering to the release being later "today" on the 8th. Today is the 12th and I was wondering if you'd released it. If so, where can I get it. Or, could you put a link on Md.org or here in the thread? Thanks. p.s. props on what you've got so far. I like renderer much better than sony's. Keep up the good work.
  10. Hey guys, I don't want to sound negative, but remeber how excited we all were when they [sony] announced hi-md. Remember how as the date for relsese got closer and closer, the features got weaker and weaker? And then the date got pushed back over 5 MONTHS!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my nh700 (japanese tourist edition) but we must remeber....we are dealing with sony here. They are out to make a buck and they suggar coat EVERYTHING to sound so much better than it is. Firmware won't fix this. It would most definately have to be a hardware situation. I do agree that the mp3 format support would be a stupendous boost to the md economy, however. My thought wanders back to the Hi-MD video concept i heard about not too long ago. I read about the possibility of 4.7 GB MDs. Could mp3 support be incorporated for this purpose, as mp3 is just the 3rd layer of DVD? I'd love to see MD-DVD. I hate scratches on my disc. MD would be so perfect.....sorry, i digress. Any way you slice it and no matter how hyped up we get, I don't think we can count on sony to make it as easy and useful as we all could dream it to be. I like the point about the wav converter. I've yet to figure out how to upload to sonic stage 2 (yes, i should read the manual, but c'mon sony, what a crapy interface). I'm getting a bit long winded with my rant. In summary: Don't hold your breath. Sony will continue to rape its loyal clientel and we'll just keep coming back for more
  11. Tone is implicit. Tone is also a writing technique. What you say has a connotation and a denotation. When you type "erm, no" it has a connotation of "duh, you are stupid". I would not have made the original post if i diddn't know what I was talking about. Plus, there was expreess emphasis placed upon the word MY. Again MY mz-nh700 has the notches. Enough of this conversation. It has grown silly.
  12. quote "Erm, no. The radio tuner remotes (RM-MC34LT and RM-MC37LT) have a remote plug that is of a slightly different shape than non-tuner remote plugs. They physically will not fit into the remote ports of units without the tuner module. Even if you modified the plug to fit, the radio would not work." Ah, excuse me, but I'm not stupid. I know the difference between the hardware of the 700 and the 800 and I'm saying that MY 700 has a connector that HAS THE EXTRA NOTCHES, resembling that of an Mz-nf800 series HI-MD. So, physically, one of those remotes would, infact, fit into MY mz-nh700. I don't appreciate your tone in response to my observation, especailly when I realize in full competitency what i am saying. If you will read the previous post, I stated that I wasn't even sure if it would work, simply observing the shape of the plug in is the same as the radio plug on the nf series. :cool:
  13. OHHHHHHH!!!!, new observation!!!! My japanese nh700 has the connecter for the radio tuner remote!!! I don't have one, so I can't test if it works or not, but i bet it will. Now I just have to get over the fact that I paid what I would have paid if i'd just waited to get an nh900....shrug.
  14. I have the Japanese nh700 and I absolutely love it!!! I bought mine off ebay about a month ago. The guy who sold it to me told me he was getting a bunch of 40elk's in stock and would be posting them on ebay. Plus, he has all the japanese modles available. The seller is ebay user sell2ppl and he is awsome to deal with. Check him out on ebay. I was quite plealsed with the product and service.
  15. Where oh where to begin..... I've been so pumped for the HI-MD to come out. Not only have the delayed and delayed the release, but the technology seems to get worse and worse as the time approaches. I'm fast loosing my once die hard love for sony and, I shudder to say, Mini disc. Now, concerning the HDD mp3 devices as computer devices, I would thing that Hi-md would qualify under the same catigory, would it not. It will hold data, just as the HDD will. Also, ATRAC3 would qualify as a data format, just as MP3 dose. am i wrong? Ultimatly, it comes down to this: Sony is a NAZI. They just want a piece of the pie and are unwilling to switch to the predominate format, MP3. If they would just give in on it, they would blow everyone out of the water. I have visions of DVD being replaced by hi compression MD video. Md is such a good format and Sony's greed keeps it from coming to fruition. Shame on you sony. You have lost yourself a very loyal customer Taaronk
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