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  1. Mainly, the iPod just provides a listening experience which is frankly too "low end"(!) for a seasoned MD user like myself and everyone else here... Sure, you can fits gazillions of albums on an iPod, as long as you sacrifice what's really important - sound quality and the feeling that you're giving one album your complete undivided attention! What's more, the MD just has this wonderful DIY ethic, the ability to record audio on the go, trading of MDs, finding old MD compilations you've made... I could go on. For me, the iPod symbolises (and this isn't true of everyone I must stress) the need for people who know minus-zip about real music to jump on the trend bandwagon. I mean really... how many albums do these people actually have on these things? 5 identical RnB compilations?? The iPod is convenient and is a design masterpiece though I must concede, and if someone offered me one, I probably wouldn't say no! (I might just sell it though)
  2. Hell I connected my 900 up to my first gen iMac running OS 9.2 and it recognised it! No big surprise really I guess seeing as most USB storage devices work. No Hi-MD obviously. It's a wonder why I bothered posting this...
  3. Thanks for that. I just had a thought after I posted that most sound components in Windows (DirectSound etc) just output as a constant stream of information and is oblivious to differences in audio tracks. But thanks anyway!
  4. I've recently been experimenting with my PC and Sony MZR909 (via optical) and have been making some really interesting mix-MDs by setting Winamp to play (with crossfade on). What's slightly irritating is that track spaces don't seem to be transmitted, even when not using crossfade and with other applications such as Media Player. Is there any software I can use to correct this problem or maybe something else that might sort this out? I've read the post on different hardware options but to be honest, I'm just experiment really and use my seperates when recording otherwise. My soundcard is a Hercules Fortissimo III. Cheers in advance for any help!
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