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  1. Thanks 'me' for helping me with the ferrite core connection. I had previously called Sony's technical support and after much MUCH waiting (I could hear them frantically searching their computer databases for info), they finally said that they could find no supportive subjects for such a device. I then asked to speak to a supervisor or someone more 'technical' savvy. A supervisor then advised that I NOT use the ferrite core at all since it's not mentioned as an included accessory on their computer list. That is, they were clueless. I'm quite disappointed with Sony's tech support. They certainly didn't come across as very knowledgeable.
  2. Hey there, all. My first post! I just received my MZ-S1 (sports) minidisc player last week, which included a Ferrite Core (shaped like a large capsule). There were no instructions on how to use/connect this core. What's the purpose of the ferrite core? Do I need to connect the ferrite core to my headphone or ac adapter? Note that my MZ-S1 has no mic input. Thanks, Tee
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