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  1. Hmmmm... It seeems IE doesnt like this theme... I hate Micro$oft. They make my work twice what it should be...
  2. Kurisu: If you make a little badge for your site, I'll add it to my main page for a link.
  3. PS—You need more smilies. Thats 2 I typed in and you dont have... So here:
  4. I use it on my forums and it is very cool. It keeps things lively, even if no one is on, and there is no end to how many feeds/sources you can have. kurisu: There is a small isue with the rss hack I use and the Categories mod, but I figured out a way around it...
  5. Screw the vote. It looks better that way.
  6. Colorize the logo to match the links? Thats easy. Ill make you another version, and you can decide. Maybe put it to a vote?
  7. The blue logo looks good. Do you think you want all the links to be "bluer" now? Although, the muted blue I used seems to match your new buttons well...
  8. Aside from the demo forum I have up (I use it to build these things), this is the only site using it right now.. East Coast! w00t!
  9. My god, this theme is beautiful! Whoever designed this must be some kind of wonderful.
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