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  1. yeah where are people supposed to go when Sonicstage crashes, SONY tech support? *histerically laughing*
  2. wow, great story Kurisu!!
  3. iirc i thought i saw a link on minidisct.com, and then eventually just started coming here more and more, since this site has more minidisc than ipod discussion, unlike the other site, which is getting really annoying. (yes. this site is pimp!!)
  4. It depends on what they used to encode that 132kbps ATRAC file. If they used sonicstage, then yeah i can understand that the mp3 would probably sound better, which is what they probably used. but if u used the recorder's encoder then I would definatly have to say that lp2 would beat mp3 128kbps, anyday. yes, mp3 does the same thing but not as good as ATRAC does it, since it is better engineered and refined many times, but there are some nice sounding LAME encoded mp3s out there.
  5. Welcome!!! i wouldnt recomend anything below 132 kbps lp2, which is probably equivilant to 196kbps mp3. 256 is indescernible form cd quality and is used for more important recordings, like live concerts, for example. Many would argue that ATRAC is a better codec than mp3, since it is specifically designed to remove sounds that are inaudible to human ears, but your ears can only be the judge. oh and one more thing, going from codec to codec, or "stacking" as they call it, reduces the quality even further. like if u had an mp3 and transfered it through sonicstage (which converts it to ATRAC) it will not come out the same as the original mp3 sounded. so in other words, if you want the best quality, use a higher bitrete if u have an mp3 or just transfer it right from the cd.
  6. ah the infamous U-TOC error... I think your unit has bit the dust, sorry
  7. depends on what bitrate u use, the higher the better. id use 256 kbps (indescernible from cd) or nothing below lp2. all the track marks should be there, it would be jsut like having a cd in your computer and recording it via simpleburner. and yes the rh10 does have an optical in!! <--such an awesome unit
  8. Welcome!! you can burn an audio cd image to a minidisc using the nero/simpleburner trick, there are a few threds on thins, try searching. all hi-md units can record in wav, or as it is called, PCM, which is the same. you can upload you recordings via sonicstage and canvert it to wav, freeing up all restrictions and then do whatever u want with it.
  9. how about marcnet's Hi-MD wav converter? keep up the good work Kurisu!!! this site looks great.
  10. i think its pretty loud (read: ear splitting) at just half volume with efficient headphones, i wouldn't worry about it
  11. they should bring the alien back
  12. maybe they could stand around with a big sign that says "minidisc.org"
  13. looks awesome, but they could have taken better pictures
  14. yes all hi-md recorders can record in pcm- even the new ones
  15. Tell 'em, Stamp!!! eyah i noticed this too, why do people review products that they have no clue about what they are reviewing?
  16. i guess there is only one way to find out!??
  17. well u might not like it, it is bulky. but otherwise i havent heard anything too bad said about it, doesnt have a line or mic in, except for the Euro model and u are right it doesnt have a HD digital amp
  18. oh sorry kurisu, ddint see that, this thread has grown so quickly and there are like three of them with all new hi-md stuff.
  19. mp3 in only 128??? WTH!! thats unfair. does it say anywhere where we can transfer other bitrates?
  20. if your question is, do any of them come pre-formatted to hi-md, then the answer is no they dont but you can always format them yourself. i guess the only way to tell if they are formatted is to put them in your recorder and see
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