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  1. they all have high quality playback!! duhh! but seriously though, our ears are only sensitive enough to hear 20hz to 20khz, and maybe the md player you are talking about are the new ones that play-back linear PCM, called hi-md??
  2. "$3,000 grand"? that's like $3,000,000!!!!
  3. hey guys, im having this same problem. sonicstage says that there is no device/media connected, i've tried everything (uninstalled, reinstalled, ect). but simple burner recognises it right away, and i can edit and move tracks around. 933Mhz, 512Mb, Radeon 7000 (recent drivers installed), Xp Home
  4. yeah, peace talks were officially over a while ago. go blu-ray!!
  5. maaaaybe this should be posted in the quantum physics thread very, very interesting
  6. im glad hi-md is working out for u. sonicstage can be a little quirky at times but otherwise its an alright piece of software. cant wait 'till i get a rh-10 *snicker, snicker* btw, i think u used the wrong smilie
  7. wow, it took minidisc-t 5 years to get to 10,000, looks like we will beat that pretty soon good job kurisu and all the other regulars for making this place such a great forum!
  8. what unit do u have? u can't transfer sp to a minidisc, and the only way to transfer hi-sp is to use a hi-md unit. (sorry if all this stuff is so confusing)
  9. yeah cuz a blu-ray disc's recording layer is very close to the surface and one small scratch, or maybe even a scuff will ruin it. i would be very worried about that with this type of drive. i don't know about anyone else, but i think this design is starting to grow on me
  10. looks good! im running the same rez but i dont have to scroll sideways....
  11. ahh u have a Mac....the only way to upload then is by your sound card, no faster than realtime recordings. u wont notice any sound degradation, it will just take longer (and probably not much longer since you'd be using PCM and uploading that via USB isn't very fast anyway)
  12. and remember u can always reformat 80 min. mds in hi-md mode and get more recording time. yeah go for the rh-910, cheaper (but no backlit screen), not sure about battery though..
  13. i wonder how the slot loading drive is going to work with blu-ray. is there a separate drive for that or is blu-ray not going to be sealed in a special case? but yeah, mmmmmmmm HDDDDDDDDD.....
  14. Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp
  15. welcome! look at the new hi-md units in the equipment browser (like the rh-10, rh-910). they have a USB output which will let u upload to your computer in faster than realtime (and its still digital). no units support optical (digital) output anymore, only digital input. there are many threads about uploading to computer, take a few mins. and search
  16. i wonder why this thing only supports 7 controllers? seems like kind of an odd number to me. and anyone else notice that there is no umd drive? not too important, but it would be nice to have.
  17. awesome! i bet the people at Microsoft were like, "... shit"
  18. Hey, I have an OpenMG Jukebox CD laying around somewhere, maybe I can sell that. *Disclaimer* May cause excessive hair loss.
  19. the only thing with the r-50 is that it is an older unit, u can't use 1gb hi-md discs, only the older 80 min. ones, so u get less recording time. there is no upload capability to your computer, only the line out on the unit, and the line in on your comp. (which will degrade sound quality) the nh1 is magnesium, iirc. its an older hi-md unit and you can upload to your computer, has mic support and is probably pretty cheap on-line by now rh-910 or rh-10 might be your best route
  20. sony is slowly but surly easing up on the restrictions, but still has a long way to go. it is good to see another happy user of hi-md! so how did it turn out?
  21. or just not use the cradle for charging at all, u can find some specially designed gumstick battery chargers at some e-tailers
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