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  1. I think I recently answered my own questions about lenses. My friend Jason Chinn http://jasonchinn.com/lifestyle/8.html (website highly recommended!) let me use his Canon 24-70 f/2.8 yesterday on the Fourth of July. And he said "I always go back to this lens" before I could even ask him my standard question to photographers these days..! That, with this, http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews...ens-Review.aspx upon your fruitful recommendations Pastagaman, have lead me to the following conclusions,,,(with NO money in my pockets right now mind you!): Lenses. If I had to have just: 1- aforementioned 24-70 f/2.8 2- aforementioned plus 70-200 f/2.8 3- add some macro that I haven't researched yet So if I could find a cool, say, oh I don't know 15 GRAND to do all the things I want to do. For now I'll settle for the 24-70 and capture life as I see it. On a related topic: If I wanted to post pictures here on the gallery from Canon Zoom Browser v5.6 and my 30D, on Windows xp sp2, how would I go about sizing the jpegs appropriately to fit. Don't know the software yet. Thanks for indulging folks, GREG
  2. I do have my sights set on a 70-200 f2.8 or lower--I believe there's a f1.x of this lens. But that wouldn't be my "one" lens. I'm just happy to finally be taking the pictures I knew I could take. I like using only natural light as much as possible, so the lower f# is always good. Anyone else? GREG P.S. Thanks for the websites. Very helpful so far.
  3. Just thought I'd mention here that I'm so happy I recently bought my 30D. Had a powershot A70 (also Canon) 3.2 MP and had been wanting to upgrade for a while now. Anybody else experience this camera? For the price and the level of photography I'm into, this was perfect for me. I'm nowhere close to pro, but I loooove takin pictures! This thing is fast and versatile. I knew I'd be shopping for lenses soon, but I'm on it right away. I bought the body only and am using an older 28-80 canon lens that came with my EOS Elan. I realize it's garbagr compared to what I could get. Every photographer has told me, "get good glass" or "it's all about the lens." Soooo....... SLR photographers: If ya had to have only one lens, ONE LENS!! What would it be and why? (brand and mm I suppose) Also, if you could have 2 or 3 lenses, what would they be and why? Let's discuss...
  4. Thanks dude. You are always so helpful here. Is there a 3.4 version without the connect store? Again, I only do live recording so I don't need any of that other stuff getting in the way. Anyone? Thanks again as always.
  5. Friends, Please don't nail me (not that you would) for asking the following questions. I just don't have time to comb through these wonderful forums like I used to. (I realize I've been here for a while now. Lots of new experts- and I mean that sincerely!) I would appreciate if you could either answer my questions outright, or direct me to the relevant thread(s). SHAMEFUL QUESTION #1 I have Sonic Stuper v. 3.2. How do I maximize from here? 3.4 first, then to the stratosphere? If you please, what do I do, step by step. SONIC STAGE ANNOYANCE #1 Say I record a gig of mine, and there are 11 tracks worth of songs in one set. I have to copy and paste a title either to "artist" or to "album" for every song so I can insure it gets to the right place. I don't enjoy doing this kind of thing in 'my library.' All my tracks are jumbled in there already. I'm trying not to confuse the new with the disorganized old. Know what I mean? Am I missing something here? Or, is this annoyance taken care of in later versions of Sonic 'Supremacy.' P.S. I only use my nh900 for live recording. SHAMEFUL QUESTION #2 This one is really embarassing! When I update software, any software including Canon and the likes, from say 3.2 to 4.x (or incrementally as I know one should), does old stuff (files, etc) EVER get trashed? This has always worried me. When it gets to the point of "REMOVE PROGRAM" I'm always afraid my precious pictures/recordings/etc. will somehow go too. Someone tell me it's ok? Thanks, community, for taking my questions seriously. I'll try and hang around more...and even contribute something worthwhile. Especially since I'm heavily considering an RH1 these days. Heavily. Meantime, I have some recordings and photos up in the gallery to check out. My progressive (or, "prog") rock band is called IZZ. izznet.com. Add one little bambino to the photo of me and my wife with our three on the beach. Yeah, the little dude was born on 5/3/07. ( A FOURTH reason why I don't have time to comb around here!) Thanks so much! GREG
  6. mgdimo


    Yeah, thanks kurisu. This is the best-run forum I've seen on the internet.
  7. Then I'll be BACK!! (I've been away from MDCF for some time.) Hoping to post a tune or two. GREG
  8. To all my MDCF mates: If you like what you hear, please consider buying the album. Thanks! I'm only posting this on the chance it may be of interest to someone here. GREG http://www.izznet.com/ Hello all, just to let you know that the recent premier of "My River Flows" is now archived on The Dividing Line!! You can check it out at: http://www.thedividingline.com/eventarchives.html You'll also find a link to it for the next week or two off my show page: http://www.thedividingline.com/btl November 28th, 2005 This is the show everyone has been waiting for - the IZZ album premier of "My River Flows"!! It's archived for your listening pleasure only here on The Dividing Line! On this special Behind The Lines not only did we premier the new album by one of DLBN's favorite groups, but we also had the pleasure of having the entire band (minus Anmarie) co-host the show with me direct from New York! Tune in to hear all the tracks on their newest effort "My River Flows" as well as some fascinating insights into the group itself. Originally aired on November 28th, 2005, this show clocks in at just under 3 hours! If you're an IZZ fan this is one you definitely won't want to miss. 1. IZZ - Ancient Memory (6:41) 2. Shawn Bishop - Behind The Lines Intro (1:40) 3. IZZ - My River Flows (5:28) 4. IZZ - Late Night Salvation (12:16) 5. IZZ - Rose Colored lenses (3:40) 6. IZZ - Deception (7:17) 7. IZZ - Crossfire (8:33) 8. IZZ - Anything i can Dream (3:22) 9. IZZ - Abbey's Song (3:48) 10. IZZ - Deafening Silence (21:36) 11. IZZ - Light >From Your Eyes (4:24) 12. Anthony Phillips - Lostwithiel [Ending Track] (4:36) Thanks to all of IZZ for taking the time out of their schedules to share their music with us all!
  9. Italian, Irish and German. Born, raised, and still live in lower Westchester County, NY, about 20 miles north of NYC. I figured we had an international crowd here but sheesh, this is cool.
  10. Here here!! The one and only, GREG (changed my user name from mgdimo to percussive. Does that count as a multiple ID?)
  11. Ahem...uh...bump. Help? NEW PROBLEM: Performed SS backup from old machine (SS 3.2) onto external HD. Try to access files on new machine (SS3.2) and get this SS message: "There is invalid rights management information in the open MG content." It asks me if I want to go online (connect store) to find the lisence. No dammit! These are all my own original recordings! I'm assuming I need to load old machine files on MD itself, then transfer to new machine? Don't want to have to spend time doing this. Can anyone identify with my problem? Also, FLAC seems to be the way to go for HD storage, yes? WAV to burn CD's. And bang it down to MP3 to send via internet. Can I get an amen?
  12. It may be helpful for the clueless (or slightly clued) to hear a consensus on how you manage your downloaded files, post SonicStage. Where/what format do you store? What program(s) do you use to convert? What editing program do you use? What order do you do this stuff? What else? Please weigh in. Right now, for me, I have overcrowded MDs and overcrowded SS. I need to get to work. How do you manage?
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