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  1. that problem was also seen on the nh700 too, had one with a stuck lid and wouldn't turn on at all because its connection to the computer was abruptly broken and the aa battery was flat at the same time making the player look like its broken and lid wouldn't open, after panicking for a few minutes (because apples don't like minidisc players used as storage and it looked like a breakage caused by an apple computer) tried connecting it to a windows computer and properly removing the player from that computer and replacing the flat aa battery (found out after removing the player from the windows computer) fixed that problem
  2. finally got an iPod 80 gigabite but not to completely replace minidisc as its a different market and didn't pay full price for it at a store where discounting is encouraged and most accessories purchased for iPod must also work with minidiscs and tapes and very determined not to become an iPod drone as many who blindly bought an iPod at full price had mutated into and now its time to make an iPod case out of cardboard, plastic sheets and sticky tape to feed no more money to those money hungry apples
  3. tartan

    No Digital Copy

    get or make a copy protection stripper http://www.google.com.au/search?num=100&am...earch&meta= it would strip the thing off that tells the player it can't be copied so it can be recorded without trouble or use an exact sound catcher like totalrecorder (pay $$$$$$$$$$) or audacity (free) and catch the sound with the same computer that's playing it and then send it to minidisc if the podcast is already on your computer, just convert the format if needed and send it to minidisc with sonicstage
  4. got rid of flash from all home computers and even from the new notebook computer that had it out of the box never to install the plugin for www browsing again wasn't happy with flash because macromedia streaming video is near impossible to save, flash banners are often unstoppable and the way it contaminates browsers
  5. get rid of it out of the bedroom and put it in a spare room hopefully that would discourage staying up very late at night, and that trick works on some nights just got the computer sound back after one year without sound at the same time too after bothering to open up the computer only to find the sound card wasn't in properly and now comes the monstrous job of clearing the pile of 30 something discs of recorded stuffing that piled up during the year without computer sound
  6. if the iPod's profit margin and production costs had been worked out many times before, why hasn't anybody done it for himd and minidisc too ????????? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ when himd first came out in australia, each player was rounded to the nearest 99 dollars, the 700 $499 and the 800 $599 etc, the higher the player model, the wider the profit margin as each model's production costs shouldn't vary by that much $100 for a radio remote, some stores discounting players right from the first day and the massive discounts in later days (possibly at prices close to production costs) makes the original pricing scheme look like a real cash grab
  7. has anybody got an idea of what the manufacturing costs of himd players and profit margins are ?????????
  8. what portable music players has the rest of your family got apart from your ones ?????? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ at home there's one iPod third generation (younger sister) one Sharp minidisc sound recorder (only seen it once briefly) belonging to a brother a few cd and tape walkmans somewhere scattered roundhouse got two nh700's, three tape recording walkmans (one is broken), and now looking for an mp3 player that has more goodies than a video iPod
  9. real full of junk, and the computer gives off noxious fumes every time its on, also its in the most junk filled room at home, most of the junk is on the opposite side where its 2 feet deep minidisc player is stickied to the ground next to computer with blobs of play doh so it wouldnt get dropped by mistake and the neatly sorted piles of of minidiscs is the only tidy thing here full of junk and the only colourful room at home, almost all other rooms are boring beige those dangling elvises not as big as it appears see the blobs of play doh under the minidisc player and neatly stacked discs and there's also scribble on the computer screen too done with marker pen ~~~edited to get rid of attachments and replace with real pictures due to picture website delay in making pictures public~~~
  10. got two matching 700's the blue 700 is used without batteries and stays at home next to the computer and usually connected to computer speakers for playback of sound and music (the computers sound is broken) or connect the computer cord for all necessary computer jobs, its also blue tacked to the table so it wouldn't plummet to the ground by accident, the blue player used to be the go everywhere player but since it had to be repaired several times replaced it with a matching player to give the original player softer duties to reduce the chance of further breakage the silver 700 replaced the blue 700 in the "media" bag which never gets left at home, its kept in a thick fluffy beanie that was found among pigeon poo in a grotty bus interchange and kept inside a "media" bag (an old calico supermarket bag) containing all stuffing necessary for sound recording, computer storage or connecting it to a hifi for playback as well as spare discs, batteries, a ton of cords, a tape recording walkman and a digital camera discs are kept near the computer stacked in various piles like full discs, empty discs, unfinished discs, 1gb discs, computer use discs, etc
  11. not seen one in a very long time, the last hi~md one seen was an nh900 at least 18 months ago on somebody listening to music in a parked car and the last minidisc player of any kind was about 6 months ago with a college classmate for listening during work it looks like minidisc listeners don't proudly show there players to the world like many who succumbed to the iPod do and lack of distinct earphones make telling the minidiscs out from the competition difficult
  12. star trek (everything except deep space nine) stargate (sg1 and atlantis) battlestar galactica and almost every other sci fi show and movie that gets played, australians are worst off when it comes to scifi, not happy that there's not one scrap of sci fi on free to air tv right now, ghost in the shell stand along complex occasionally take a peek at initial d but anti car sentiment keeps it from taking off gundam wing, brand new and looks very promising transformers energon and cybertron (if only it was on at an easier to get to time) and most other japanese stuff except inuyasha that cartoon network puts on watch 80's cartoons too but only the "serious" ones like transformers or gi joe, can't tolerate "toons" like most of loony tunes, rugrats and almost all talking animals an nearly everything disney really hate toons like roadrunner and tom and jerry and bugs bunny because the mouse and that ostrich thingie and rabbit always wins amazing race is the only reailty tv show that's really enjoyable watch discovery and national geographic too mythbusters is a must watch and shows about construction like extreme engineering and megacities south park, jackass, trigger happy tv are the only favorite adult humor shows power rangers, really got into it in 1996 after the evening news showed it caused kindergarten aggression sitcoms like friends, sabrina, seinfeld are never funny and are extremely boring, must go to funniest home videos to get laughs and real entertainment tried to get into adult swim's non anime us made shows like aqua teen hunger force or sealab 2021 but those never took off usually watch the simpsons but mainly the newer stuff because the older episodes get repeated endlessly as well as fururama because it resembles the simpsons
  13. tartan

    Google Earth

    recently coverage of some areas was updated, and now the thumbtacks are not in the exact spot as it was before, there must be some great inaccuracies in the picture satellite gps positioning the worst area is around home where everything moved by 15 or so feet and now all the thumbtacks must be moved one by one to make up for that also the latest footage is nowhere near as good or detailed as the previous take was
  14. paid way too much for a display jet that had limited edition colors at a well known city hobby shop after not looking looking at display jets in a long time and got ripped off big time last week by being sold a tiny burger when it was expected to be much bigger, what a rip off, every time on passing that shop, must scream rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, even worse than that 2 tiered pricing of soft drinks (that small bottle is more expensive than the much bigger bottle around the corner)
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