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  1. Sorry, I did not realize that Win NetMD does not support Hi-MD. I tried out Win NetMD on my other minidisc recorder, a Sony MZ-N1, and it worked fine. Are there any plans for Win NetMD to support Hi-MD? thanks
  2. I have a Sony MZ-NHF800. I installed Sonic Stage 2.1 on my Windows XP system. I also installed version 1.3 of Win NetMD. I connect the USB cables between the MD recorder and the USB port of my computer, and connect line out from the MD to the line in of the computer. When I start up Win NetMD, it indicates: MD Player not connected or no MiniDisc in Player" If I run the test the connection option, i get this error: Your system is not compatible. A connection error was found (Error 6). I've tried using different USB ports on the PC. Same error. Is there any solution to this problem? thanks
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