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  1. I type the following command: C:>himdrender -i C:TempTest.oma -o C:tempTest.wav I get the pages of text ending with: Pos: - [0x118d = 4493] Len: - [0x117f = 4479] Pos (secs): - [0xa76096480 = 44 930000000]Len (secs): - [0xa6e446f74 = 44799651700]Event: - [0x1 = 1] RepairWav => Failed map view of file C:TempTest.oma.wav.tmp Result:0 Press anything to exit The resulting file has 0 MB. Any insights?
  2. 3 questions: 1) Is there any way to get to DOS from Windows without restarting the computer? 2) Is there any way to convert multiple files simultaneously with himdrender using a single DOS command (instead of following the procedure for each file)? 3) Once marcnet publishes his code, will someone likely be able to make a windows-accessible version, possibly with the ability to convert multiple songs at once? Or is that asking for the moon? I deal with a lot of short clips, often on deadline, so converting this way still takes a lot of time/attention. Thanks, marcnet, for this invaluable service to the community. Be well.
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