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  1. I just found out I had both my MZ R50s stolen, with the Sony ECM MS907, AC Adapter, and about 25 hours of recordings. I am PISSED...so I am in the market for another MZ R50...maybe two. Also...anyone suggest a mic better than the Sony ECM MS907...but at a reasonable price. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for the info! Now I need to order the 900...and download the software.
  3. I am so happy I found this forum…this is my first post. I’ve been a Sony MD user since November or December 1998…I have the Sony MZ-R50, with the ECM-MS907 stereo mic. I’ve been mostly using my Sony MD for voice recordings and music, and my brother in-law uses it to record sample tracks of acoustic guitar and Native flute. I was very happy to hear the release of the Sony HiMD and it’s ability to transfer sound/music files to a PC, instead of transferring it ‘Real Time’ as I do now…which takes FOREVER! My dad and I are working on a project to record all the Dine(Navajo) traditional stories, philosophy, and language he’s learned from his great grandfather and grandfather via a stereo mic and Sony MD. I want to be able to record his voice in stereo, name the file, transfer the recordings to PC, burn to a CD, and able to play the CD in a regular CD player via a home, portable, or car system. I just learned tonight that the Sony HiMD CANNOT export sound/music files, that have been recorded via an external mic, to a CD to play on a regular CD player. Here’s my question(s): 1) I want to begin this project with my father as soon as possible… Can I capture voice recordings on my Sony MZ-R50, using the ECM-MS907 stereo mic, and still be able to use all the features of a Sony Sony MZ-NH900, or Sony MZ-NH800? In other words, can I record his voice in stereo, name the file, transfer the recordings to PC using the HiMD, but recording on my regular Sony MD...the MZ-R50? 2) Will Sony’s future “Wave Converter” be able to use these same files to burn to a CD, and play the CD in a regular CD player via a home, portable, or car system? 3) What is the best software, freeware and/or paid, to manage and organize the voice recordings on a PC, and record to CD? I may at times have to edit the voice recordings by way of cutting or copying a section of the recordings. 4) What is the best software or format to use to post these recordings to a website? I hope this is not too much to ask…I would greatly appreciate any help and/or suggestions. Thanks, Ed.
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