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  1. Tried to to upload from MD to PC via USB with Total record ( with Win 2000 Platform). The MD unit would refuse to Play back and as a result of that Total Record could not read it. The tracks were recorded with a mike and since they were not originaly from the computer Sonic Stage provided only unidirectional link from the PC to MD. Laszlo
  2. I still think the audio is as good at 16 Bit if not better than the audio from an MD unit thorough the sound card. Don't forget that would be a sort of backup of the camera's audio in case of a goof up and might have to be placed next to the video track. For me it did not work well enough. Laszlo
  3. I know that you are trying to help and I did research but I sould have tought of forums like this that I just discovered. Still at this point I have a piece of equipment that I have no use for. I did found solution for my original problem talking to two audio specialists, couple of DJ s and audio rental place tech's. Laszlo
  4. Thanks! Well a lesson learned. Now when I have a chance I pass on what I learned. Laszlo
  5. Forget it! I just burned myself with it. Get a small inexpensive mini DV camera that fits in the pocket and you got the back up sound that is easy to get into the PC. I just lost Can $ 400.00 on an MD recorder. For that price I could have gotten the camera. OK it is a bit bigger but it works without headache. Laszlo
  6. Maybe someone sould look at tempering with the firmware for the thing to record MP3 instead of Atrac. L K
  7. I bought a Mini Disc (MZ-NF810CK) recorder to be used as a backup audio for my video productions. After about 30 minutes of playing with it and in the process got to the last page of the user manual I realized that the only way I can get the audio on my video track is thorough my computers audio card. Of course there is a fair amount of playing is involved with a number of volume controls since the only audio out is by the earphone jack, all others use ATRAC3 compression not recognized by any other system. To me this is a very inefficient use of an almost perfect little machine. I have no use for an expensive ear blaster when I can do that for lot less with an MP3 player. WHY THE OPTICAL-LINE AND MIKE input when you can't use them? And if you can, for what? At this point I'm selling it with a loss because I can not return only exchange it ( total use on it is about 30 minutes) with a real bad taste in my mouth. And I tought that I found the perfect solution. Laszlo
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