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  1. if you need help with PHP/JS/HTML... you can contact me!
  2. That's it. I've just uninstall KB840987 and it's working again. Thank you
  3. tried as you said... uninstall all Sony programs, deleted all Sony files/folders and deleted all Sony entries in regedit and nothing helps... I've tried SonicStage 2.2.0 and than again same "deep uninstaling" and fresh SonicStage 1.5.53 and it didn't help... :sleep: I don't have a idea what to do next... Perhaps format my HDD? I’m tormented
  4. interesting... i can't even convert mp3/wav to omg with SonicStage 1.5 This is simply lovely... i so adore Sony
  5. With each program that i try to burn my MD-S1 i get this problem: I've try reinstalling and reuninstaling and nothing didn't help. Did some of you guys had this problem and how did he solved it? Even when i try to start my SonicStage 2.X it stops with same message.
  6. not yet... I actually don't know which continent to choose... Israel, it's not Europe and it's not USA/Canada. Perhaps i should try from Europe? Anyway how that's gonna help? I will not be able to use mp3 anymore?
  7. I'll probably safe money for new Hi-MD. 'Till then I'll listen to S1, as you said, it's not that crap. But i just hate when somebody force me to do something that i don't like. Sony was my favorite company 'till i bought S1
  8. I'm sorry being out of date but why the hell sony made those minidisks if i can't burn anything except omg? monopoly! That's why i spend just 120$ for new S1, couse i can't do anything with it And why just after 5 years they introduce Hi-MD? What took it so long? Nah i ask to much.... i've surfing net (including this forum) and i just refuse to understand that i've buy crap. I can't do anything with S1 exept listing to stupid Atrac. I'm going to do some Yoga perhaps it will help
  9. Is there option when i insert my MD,the MD will be like my virtual driver and i can use it like HDD? Actually is it possible to write in minidisc anything except omg? If i somehow add mp3 to minidisk will my MD-S1 be able to read mp3? Heh, lot of questions be newbie I just hate hate hate OMG. I've disappointed in Sony couse they force they sucky format OpenMG. I didn't try with nero (as i've read here) couse i don't have it, but if i make .IMG and virtual drive will i be able to burn mp3 as they are and not to convert them? Best regards
  10. Hello. As i see you are re-building site... Anyway i don't know if it's open source or not, can you let as see the code? Then i hope someone will put it in CVS and then everybody could add some lines of code.... Best regards.
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