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  1. thank u very much guys, i will tell my friend to try these.thank u so much.i will report back what happened.god bless u
  2. this is what how the guy with the minidisc described his problems.any help is welcome.please help us The problem is actually 2 seperate problems, as bizzarrely this happened on 2 discs! The first disc has the first 3rd or so of the set on, and I know that it died during the TOC finalisation as it happened in front of my eyes... I know the recording is probably on the disc but because the TOC failed the deck doesn't see the Hi-on Maiden bit of the disk... (it sees the first track, which is the support band, which finalised properly) The second disc was a stranger situation, as I recorded the rest of the set (up until the encore), checking the recording regularly right up until the break for the encore, at which point I checked it again and found the power to be off for no apparent reason. When I turned it on again it said it was a blank disc. So the TOC obviously didn't happen on that disc either. At which point I recorded the encore onto the same disc, and that bit TOCed fine and is the only bit of the gig I can access. So I don't know if the track recorded will still be there on the disc, or if it will have gone because I recorded 20 minutes of the set after this had happened. Can anyone help?? The weird thing is that I don't know why the power went off... it didn't run out of batteries, and the hold function was on...
  3. sorry for it, but i didnt know what the correct forum was to put my thread.anyone knows anyway to help me? thank u very much
  4. well ,to cut a long story sort, a friend of mine recorded something, but the minidisc didnt finalise properly.the result of this is that the recording is lost(even if he recorded it, he cant access it). from what he told me something wrong happened with toc. please we need this recording.is there a way to recover it? a siftware? i am sure it is done but i dont know how.please, please help a newbee.thank u
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