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  1. I'm using SF 7.0, installed it in the proper directory, the ATRAC file type shows up in the open file drop down menu, but when I go to open up a file, it says it is unsupported. Are there DRM restrictions? THe files I am trying to open were recorded with a mic onto a NH1 and transferred in to SS. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for any help, this would save a time consuming step of converting to WAV, editing in SF, saving, then converting to mp3 to share with the rest of the world.

  2. One thing to add in case you were wondering Parag. I am also a musician and use my minidisc almost exclusively to record practices and such. I think it's important to note that, in my opinion, mindisc is pretty crippled without the use of a computer; or put diferently, the advantage of HiMD is that ability to upload and edit/rename recordings on a computer.

    For example, naming recordings on the md device itself is pretty time consuming. It is much easier to connect it via USB to a computer and rename that way. As mentioned before, the settings memory on the RH1 will be very useful for those who use the device primarily for recording. I have a NH1 and need to reset my recording settings each time I record. It's not the worst thing in the world, it would just be very nice to have it remember it as the RH1 will.

  3. Excellent review, improved mp3 playback, faster transfer, real MAC support, settings memory, and possibly a DIY battery pack may push me to get one final minidisc recorder (I hoped my NH1 would be the last).

    I don't know if the technology prevents this, but a delete last track option while recording is paused would be REALLY great. Anyone know if this is a possibility, or if there will even be improvements made to the RH1 over the years?

  4. GOOD NEWS!!!

    After looking at SF 8.0 release notes for the 8.0d update I found this:


    2.0 What’s New

    Notable fixes/changes in version 8.0d

    * Support has been added for opening and rendering ATRAC3™, ATRAC3plus™, and ATRAC Advanced Lossless™ files.


    This is great!!! This saves the tedious step of coverting to WAV to be able to edit. I only hope that DRM issues don't foul up opening MD recorded files. If it works out I may pay the $299 for a full legit version. I will email Sony to try and get an answer.

    It would be great to have one edited file in ATRAC3 (or whatever file type recorded in) in SonicStage. It would be even better if SonicStage is integrated with Sound Forge as are Adobe and Macromedia products. For example, once a file is transferred to the SonicStage Library one could right click on a file and you could "edit in Sound Forge." Then the edited file could be saved as the same original or a new file and identified in SonicStage without importing in to the Library. Of course only files recorded via analog/digital/line in would probably allow direct editing.

    Has anyone ever thought about petitioning Sony about MD related requests? There are plenty of interested people on this board to be noticed. I think actual letters are more effective than email. Is a letter writing campaign of interest? We could draft letters through this board. Maybe this is futile since MD is being discontinued.

  5. I have been reaching the personal conclusion with all the speculation about a new unit that MD really only excels as a field recording unit. It just doesn't hold up as a personal music player in my humble opinion. The ability to put tracks on it is a nice benefit for me. If this is the last unit and it is aimed at recording I wish they would allow PCM recording at 48kHz and 24 bit. Then it REALLY would be one of the best (if not the best) option for field recording. Recording in new ATRAC bitrates is promising. If it does remember manual vol. that's great, I hope it is functional without a remote if there is indeed a single line remote, we'll see.

    As it is I'm not sure it will be worth replacing my NH-1. MD remains one of the best pro-sumer recorders because of removeable media and improved PC interface. It's too bad Sony couldn't really put out a stellar unit, they always leave something to desire.


  6. Hello,

    I have noticed that SS 3.4 puts the prefix "00x-" in front of all the tracks (sometimes only "00-") I transfer from HiMD to SS. I have noticed because of saving tracks in WAV format when transferring. SS 3.3 did not do this, does anyone know if there is any way to stop SS 3.4 from doing this?

    I have already checked "Rename the corresponding music file when a track title is edited in My Library" in the Advanced Settings.



  7. Am I totally off here????? I thought the MZ-RH10 DID playback MP3 on the unit. This quote is from the SonyStyle page:

    "Plays Back MP3/ATRAC3®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats

    For customers who already have extensive music libraries, use the included software and hardware to store and play back their collection of MP3s. For the customer who is just getting into digital music and downloading, Sony's ATRAC® format provides higher sound quality with smaller sizes than many competing formats. This enables the user to store more music and have longer listening times."

    Also, there's a large decal on the face of the unit that says "MP3 Digital Music Player."

    Is this BS? Does SS still convert everything to ATRAC before transferring to the RH10? I have a MZ-NH1 and was disappointed when the RH10 came out with what I thought was MP3 support.

    One more Sony request. I use my NH1 almost exclusively for mic recording. I use HiMD because even though it's a pain in the ass, the quality outweighs the pain. To distribute recordings I have to convert to WAV while transferring, edit in Sound Forge, then convert the edited WAV to MP3. Allowing ATRAC editing in Sound Forge would cut out the time consuming step of converting to WAV, and save HD space. Sony now produces Sound Forge. Is it too much to ask to make ATRAC files that are recorded on MD editable????? Would it be possible to somehow allow analog and maybe even digital tracks recorded on MD to be edited in SF????

  8. I am very happy with the progression of SS. Though, I'm still waiting for Sony to update the simple mode skins for SS. The two that are available are ok, but WHAT I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE IS: a toolbar mode for SS. Like iTunes, Win Media Player, and registered Real Player do, it would be great if SS minimized to the taskbar in a toolbar mode with a functional skin like the aforementioned. Please, please, please Sony, if you read this, incorporate a toolbar mode.

    A dedicated Hi-MD user,


  9. Am I mistaken thinking that you can't transfer files between computers with a MD? If you can't, do you think it's possible to simply use Explorer to put the files and folders on your MD or other media and copy them to the library folder on computer 2, and then import the files in to the SS library on computer 2?


  10. I used SonicStage 3.0 PSP to put songs on a friends PSP and it worked great. Now at their home computer I went to Connect and they only offer 3.1 for download. Now with 3.1 the setting button isn't activated. Also, in 3.0 it recognized the PSP in the transfer pulldown menu, 3.1 doesn't - it just says Memory Stick.

    The question is this... Where can I get 3.0???


  11. I just bought the SP-SPSM-1 and am not only extremely pleased with the sound but am surprised also. I didn't think it would record so naturally. I use it mainly to record practices with various groups I play with and am always pleased with the results.

    Here's why I got it, maybe it will help. I was looking for an easily portable, small, stereo mic. It is stereo but I didn't really get it for it's stereo imaging. Face it, the elements are an inch or so apart and are omnidirectional. There's not too much seperation. But, for the size, frequency response, and cost, in my opinion it can't be beat. As far as mounting options, I considered the micPOD because of it's ease of use. Though ultimately I went with a female to male extension cable, the SP-DTS-9 folding tripod stand, and the SP-DTS-5 stand mount from Sound Professionals. I got this instead of the micPOD becuase I prefer individual parts over a complete unit. If one part fails you just replace it, plus the flexible legs of the micPOD look a bit less stable than the folding arms of the tripod from SP. If I have some money to spend sometime I'd like to buy a Delta mic too. It does seem to be much more durable than the SP-SPSM-1. This is a concern for me b/c my mic gets tossed in bags very often. Hope this is useful.


  12. Can anyone tell me how to move files from one album to another in SS 3? Also, when I transferred from the player it didn't ask me where I want to transfer the songs to and it automatically converted them to WAV. I'm going to fish around in the options to see if there is a way to have it ask me. Thanks,


  13. I'm wondering if quality is directly analogous to the bit rate. Specifically, is ATRAC3 132kbps higher quality than ATRAC3plus 64kbps? Is there any encoding difference b/w ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus or does plus just offer some more bit rates? Thanks,


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