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  1. Stunned, just changed to .net 1.1 and it seems to be working. Fingers crossed in about 5 hours I might have a complete back up. Cheers
  2. nice one Stuge I've just updated to directx 9c and I now get the windows tree when i try to save an mp3 back to my pc. Unfortunately............. It still doesn't want to work? It goes throught the routine and creates a folder where I ask it to save to and names it the same as the mp3, but the folder stays empty? Any ideas welcome. I have tried it on my laptop and desktop, using GYM 1.1 as 1.2 beta fails to load due to a JIT debugging error. Cheers all
  3. Is it safe to say thay .net 2.0 will work instaed of .net 1.1? Cheers
  4. Hi all I've just spent hours going through the key generation etc and all seemed to work great. Now that I open GYM (1.2 fails to run due to JIT debugging fault, 1.1 loads sweet and lists all the mp3 tracks as shown on the website) I can't save them to my hard drive. Each time I click save, I get the little window asking me where to save to, but the inside of the window is blank (no windows floder tree). Can anyone please advise as I am desperate to rescue the mp3 files of my NW-HD5. Cheers in advance M
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