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  1. Hi I am selling my minidisc system with model number SONY MZ-NF810 . This is an amazing machine and includes original box and packaging. Besides the charging stand, and the recorder itself all items are stil unopened. You can easily record live events in amazing qualities. You can private message me or email me at minidisc.recorder@gmail.com thanks I am asking for $230 CDN dollars or 198US dollars. SONY MZ-NF810 Net MD MiniDisc Recorder AM/FM/TV/Weather Band Tuner Remote, Car Kit Supplied Accessories * USB Cable * Carkit Accessories, Compact Car Remote, Car Cassette Adapter, Car battery Adapter Stereo Headphones * * Charging Stand * Rechargeable Battery * FM/AM/TV/Weather Band Tuner Remote * CD Rom Including Sonic Stage Software and Net MD Simple Burner Application * AC adaptor * Battery Carrying Case * Battery Case * One Blank 74 Minute Disc DOWNLOAD/RIP/RECORD * Choose your recording level preference(Standard/LP2/LP4) * Supports multiple audio formats * (ATRAC3 /MP3/WMA/WAV) * Records from multiple sources (PC/CD Player/ Radio) HIGH SPEED TRANSFER * Up to 32X speed transfer * Title/Track Information Transfer * FM/AM/TV/Weather Band Tuner REmote supplied * Easy skip group function * Flexible editing tools * Move, Erase, Divide * Up to 73.5 hours of continuous play in LP4 mode. * Skip Free G-Protection Technology * Includes Mic Jack * Charging Stand Included * 6 Band Equalizer(4preset / 2custom)
  2. Hi is that 200 hundred dollars canadian? how much is shipping to canada?
  3. Hi I am in the process of purchasing a preamplified microphone. More specifically the http://www.minidisc-canada.com/shopexd.asp?id=230 BOOSTER-1 one feature that I must know that is the ability to record line in. Now that this is a self-powered microphone I can use a line in function to record live as opposed to just a mic jack. Does that mean I can use an mp3 player or a cheaper minidisc model such as the Sony Portable MD Player/Recorder MZN420. They have a line-input function but no microphone function thanks Any info would be great.
  4. bdawg


    Hi I had an old MZ-R55 which just seemed to break. I put a disc in and the recorder got jammed. Is it worth repairing? it's preety old.
  5. bdawg

    700 model

    thanks a lot. It really makes no difference in listening. I am not an audio engineer, so I can't really tell the difference. I found the deal here http://www.minidisc-canada.com/shopexd.asp?id=368 sorry about plugging another website. It's just Canadians have limited shopping options.
  6. bdawg

    700 model

    Hi I just saw a 700 model here is Canada for 260 bucks or about 210 bucks american. is that worth it for the features, especially live recording? secondly, i read on minidisc.org that the 700 doesn't have a digital amp. i thought it did. If it doesn't what are its disadvantages and advantages ? especially when it comes to live recording.
  7. Hi I know this is a MD message board but you guys don't work for SONY so I thought It wasn't inappropriate. Okay One more avenue that i haven't looked into is the mp3 player for live recordings. Has anyone does this? how is the quality for recording in this units? secondly? how is easy are these to upload? what type of microphone do these machines require. I heard somewhere that these machines have their own battery and do not use AA. I don't see why they would do this?
  8. Hi what is the perfect microphone for recording lectures/meetings? Is it a preamplified microphone or is electret condenser microphone? should it involve a battery module? any infor would be great.
  9. thanks. so the battery module will do nothing for me in terms of increasing legibility of the sound. However you did mention something about a preamp microphone. what use is that for? would it be useful for recording lectures? especially when the mic is placed far away? thanks
  10. when should one use a battery module? is it useful for recording university lectures or meetings?
  11. bdawg


    thanks a lot. I am more interested in finding a microphone to record lectures for school. I saw the electret sony microphones which are stereo. They didn't have a amp built in. I wondered what the difference was. If i want to record lectures which type of microphone should I buy. I am more interested in hear what was said rather than the quality of the sound. thanks
  12. Hi what is a preamplified microphone? thanks
  13. thanks. someone posted that the 900 has a digital amp? what does that mean?
  14. Hi which one do you think would be better for recording lectures? thanks
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