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  1. Does SonicStage no longer work with Windows 98 SE? I currently have version 3.4, and have not tried installing the new one yet. I'm sure there are no technical reasons why it should not work.
  2. Hi, I bought my minidisc player in the U.S., but have now moved back home to Slovakia, Europe. The power adaptor that I have - Sony AC-ES3010K2 - is stated to have an input of 120V only. However, I have heard that allegedly somebody tried their chances and used the adapter in a European power outlet, and it worked without getting burned. Does anyone have an experience that would confirm this story, or is it unlikely? Thanks! Ivan
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses. The particular situation I mean is the following: - I record a file via the microphone. - I transfer from Minidisc to Sonicstage. I see these files stored as *.oma files in the SS Library folder on the hard disk. I can play them on my computer with Windows Media Player of Media Player Classic, without having to use SonicStage (although I understand that I have the proper codecs installed). - I want to play or work with these files on another computer. Good to know that the backup method works, although it is obviously annoying to have to back up the entire library. So from what I understand: 1. Simply copying the .oma files onto a removable media and then trying to play on another computer (with SonicStage installed) will NOT work. 2. Importing those files to SonicStage on another computer will not work either. 3. Backing up will work, and then "restoring" on the other computer will work, since the backup operation saves the DRM data. 4. The final option is re-importing from the Minidisc on the other computer, which works with SS 3.2 or later. Thanks! Ivan Hmm..I don't see an option to uncheck ADD DRM, but I still have SS 3.1 installed. Does this option exist in the newer versions? Would this conversion create an unprotected .oma file?
  4. Hi, I have read the FAQ, which states that the ability to play back or do anything with an .oma file is limited strictly to the given version of SonicStage, which has a unique encryption key. I'd just like to verify that this is indeed the case. What if I was to copy some .oma files (recorded through a mic and transfered from MD) onto a USB stick, and then try to import them into the SonicStage library on another machine. Would this fail to work? Where is this unique encryption key stored, by the way? Is it somewhere in the Windows Registry? Is there no way to transfer it? Thanks, Ivan
  5. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice on what sort of a portable audio recoder I should purchase. I would use it to record myself on the piano, but of course also other uses (voice, etc.). I purchased one of the NetMD models about a year ago, but after finding out that I couldn't upload digitally, I sold it on eBay. I know that the Hi-MD models are capable of digital uploads, but, looking around on the Internet, I've now discovered some other options that could work for me, and have a pretty hard time making a decision. I am contemplating the following: - one of the Hi-MD units - the iRiver iHP-120 - Creative's Nomad Jukebox 3 - one of the Neuros recorders - the Edirol R-1 I have a few questions/thoughts: - Out of the above, only the Edirol and some of the hi-MD units have a mic-in port. Does it matter if I use a mic-in or a line-in with an amplified microphone? - I like the Edirol, however, it is the most expensive of them all, and it also seems that a 2 GB compact flash card is much more expensive than the minidiscs. Also, I wouldn't mind using whatever I buy also as a music player, for which the Edirol might not be the best. - I really don't like SonicStage and all of Sony's DRM limitations, which is one of the reasons why I've been contemplating the other options. I don't like the fact that all the transfers would have to be done via SonicStage and then a converter - the other options seem to be better in this regard. - I currently have a Sony ECM-MS907 microphone, which I bought last year along with the NetMD unit. When I made some recordings last year, I was pretty happy with the clarity of sound, but my biggest problem was that the louder volumes on the piano didn't really project into louder volumes of the recording - in fact, when I played really loud and with attack, there were some thuds in the recording. If I want to have teh dynamics more accurately reflected, who much is this a matter of getting a different microphone, and how much of the recorder that I use? I'm not very knowledgeable about the physics, etc. of audio recording, so sorry if I'm not making sense. Thanks for any help!! Ivan
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