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  1. SOLD - close thread please For sale, TWO Panasonic SJ-MJ50 units. Both units in perfect working order. This is a unique MD player as the MD SLIDES IN (front-loading) into the unit, and the spine lights up. Blue unit - used condition, show's some wear but works perfectly. Silver unit in in Very Good/NM condition, barely ever used. Pictures show all. One set of docking cradle & foldable speakers included. Speakers have one significant ding (seen in one photo), and do not come with 3.5V power adaptor, yet still works from the SJ-MJ50 battery. Two remotes included, one shows much wear with scratches, the other is in much better condition with some very light scratches. The units also function without the remotes, controls on the back side. Two Sony gumstick batteries included (one NH-10WM, one NH-14WM). One soft Panasonic POUCH (not seen in photos) also included. Blank Sony Neige disc in pic IS included Asking $80 for BOTH combined (plus shipping) - or make an offer. I'll sell in order of PM's received, or highest offer in the next few days. Thanks See my feedback history. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. I'd pay that much for a pair of them. Gotta' have a backup or I don't want it
  3. Please contact me, I'd like to know the details of what the position entails, thanks.
  4. The hardest quest on the planet, but good luck.
  5. I'm not sure, but I actually own that gizmo. I tried a recording using it, and discovered it sounded no better than a Sonic Stage-to-MD transfer. I think when it comes to fidelity you are dealing with the limitations of your computer's sound card with this device. Never tried track markings.
  6. Not true at all, I wouldn't mind another silver... but I'll take a black or brown... whatever is available. 1) You can never have enough EH1's 2) I'd get another one if I had a lot of money
  7. What exactly does THAT mean?? sort out what... first pic? You're going to post a photo here in this thread and make ONE unit available to us? - the rest Ebay? I'm confused... Thanks... I'm hoping you can help me out.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean... do you mean fully functional or with all accessories? Do you have something to offer? I wouldn't mind just the body itself, as long as it's in excellent condition.
  9. I don't think its that we are not listening... its more like, we don't have the answer
  10. I've seen The Matrix and the screen cap shot... but not Transformers... anyone have an image that shows MD in the Transformers movie?? Would love to see. Thanks.
  11. Nag away, I care not, I'm very happy with my audio setup & choices. If anything I should nag you to keep this thread on topic
  12. Sonic Stage is not a good choice! I state this with experience, but only because my library is SO LARGE. I own some 4,000 CDs, and only had a fraction of them in Sonic Stage when it would start to mix up some tracks, lose data, and swap album art with the wrong albums. This is not a limitation of my hard drive, as I had plenty of space. I wiped it clean, started over, and eventually suffered the same result (using 4.3)... so I now only use Sonic Stage as a TEMPORARY space to transfer music to my minidiscs, but NOT as a storage for my library. If your library is relaltively small, then its not a problem.
  13. Seriously... I just skimmed a bit and was like "whatever"... but this dude has had 507 posts here??
  14. wonderful... just what I needed... To me ALL my MD units sound great... they have their subtle differences, but if I'm not doing a side-by-side test, I'm fine with any of them. So the E10 sounds just fine to me... after all it has the "vpf accoustic engine"... whatever THAT is
  15. To me the E10 is way to flimsy-feeling compared to the EH1. Though very thin, the EH1 still has a robust "chunk" when snapping it shut, just as the E730. Both the EH1 and E730 have a very SOLID metal body, whereas the E10 is a soft aluminum that kind of gives & bends, if that makes any sense. The Qualia is so unattainable that its not even in the equation
  16. I use LP2 exclusively (CD audio ripping & playback). I go for the ignorance is bliss tactic, as I once played SP and LP2 back to back and realized SP was crisper and "slightly" better sounding to MY ears... so I stuck with LP2 for capacity's sake... 2-3 CDs on a standard MD is so perfect for me.
  17. um.... thanks? To me the E730 is the non-HiMD EH1. I'd never give up an EH1, by the way.
  18. LOL!! Hilarious Okay folks, back on topic please...
  19. Well said, kha! "zapping" indeed. "kids" these days don't even hear a song all the way through! They skip, sample, and shuffle their playlists, etc. Here's the old man now talking, but I remember buying a 45 record (you know, a "single"?, ONE song with a b-side?) and I would play that song - all the way through - like 20x in one night. As far as the YouTube thing, yeah, I've seen kids rip a YouTube song to an mp3 and put it on a flash player and be completely content. Sickening.
  20. Hey, I'm really still in love with this unit, and I can't get any anywhere (I think GuitarFX tried to get me one from a shop, but it fell through). I would prefer a different color than silver since I have two, I'd LOVE black or the brown... please, I'll pay you well, trust me! And I can provide my feedback history. PM me if you'd like to let go of yours - thanks so much!! EDIT: sorry, it was Wizard of Oz and not GuitarFX.
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