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  1. My system: Shuttle XPC G5690(SS56G) FS56 MoBo SIS661FX/963L chipset P4 3Ghz HT BIOS: Phoenix Tech. Win XP Home SP1 I am currently using OpenMG 2.2 on this machine and would love nothing else than to upgrade to SS3.2. However, SP2 when installed, restarts my machine for no apparent reason. Been there and don't want to revisit. Is SP2 critical for SS3.2 ? Thanks a bunch.
  2. Has anyone tried this software? Apparently has NetMD support.
  3. Nice product. Wish there was a US distributor.
  4. jprx

    Sonicstage 2.3

    Ok, new to the community but yet another SS2.3 question. My rig is a Shuttle XPC P4 3.0Ghz HT with a Prescott chip, running Xp Sp1. I currently use OpenMG 2.2 with the appropriate Hotfix and have already backed up via OpenMG back up tool and checked in all music. Due to the incompatibility of my Prescott and Sp2, I cannot update to Sp2(been there and it was nasty). Will SS2.3 still work using Sp1? Are there any additional steps to be taken other than those in the NetMD FAQ's? I have not had any problems using Opmg2.2 ever, but I hate the limited check outs and am planning on purchasing a Hi-MD unit...hence the need to update to SS2.3 Will the update through Sony Connect be better in my situation or a full install from the NetMD FAQ section? Thanks for your time!
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