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  1. Well, maybe I figured this out..... I noticed the volume slider in SS was down all the way, and I couldn't increase it. So, I did a restore of the RealTek audio driver on my Gateway PC, and that resolved everything. Cheers! Kent
  2. I record live with a microphone often. It has been acting just fine each time I use it at a concert. Thanks, Kent
  3. vergergc

    RH10 - error

    I'm confused. There's enough space on my various songs Hi-MD disc for another song I want to transfer from SS4.0. When I try to transfer, each time it gives me an error - "Transfers are not allowed". Sounds like the write protect tab is in the protect position, but it's closed which means it can be written on... right? Anyone know what this might actually be indicating? Thanks! Kent
  4. Sounds better.... does the same info show on the unit itself, or just on the remote control?
  5. Okay - this is a different angle.... when I play an MP3 song off the RH10 through SonicStage, it sounds good! So does the signal take a different route through the USB connection than through the headphone out jack?
  6. Yes - I've used the EQ and that makes it okay - most of the time. As for the Gen 3 RH-1 (only model with proper MP3 sound)... didn't I read the display is not well suited for artists, titles, etc. display? Cheers! Kent
  7. Friends, I've been reading about the lack of quality (see below) on MP3 files played on the MZ-RH10. Is it true other Hi-MD models have better playback sound than the RH10? Some of the songs I listen to really appear dull while others seem to be pretty normal. Is the lower quality sound of MP3 files a function of playback, and not the recording phase by the RH10? I'm trying to decide what other Hi-MD I'd like to obtain. The NHF800 is sort of interesting with the tuner included. It needs to be a gen 2 Hi-MD or later to get MP3 capability, right? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. "In 2005 Sony presented an update to its Hi-MD devices: native support for the popular MP3 format. Unfortunately, this did not include drag-and-drop capability, but rather required the use of the Sony software to wrap the MP3 files in DRM. A further drawback was that the MP3 playback could be best described as "crippled" — Sony implemented a lowpass on MP3 playback, which could make MP3 sound dull in comparison to ATRAC. Some users say that this was done in hopes of fooling listeners that ATRAC is superior to MP3 to trap their music in ATRAC format." Cheers! Kent
  8. That's what I'm doing with this one 1 GB disk - data only. I have tried a combo to see how it worked, but that doesn't seem to make sense for me.
  9. That's what I thought, but it shows a 1GB disk is half full and it's not taking any more files..... maybe the folder I wanted to move contained more than the remaining space. But, I'd think it would move as much of that folder (by individual files) as it could before showing the disk is full message. Kent
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to use my RH10 as an external storage device for my PC. Isn't there a setting somewhere to allocate so much space on a 1GB disc for non-audio file storage vs. song files? I can't find anything to refresh my memory on this. Can someone point me in the right direction? Cheers! Kent
  11. Yes, that helps. But, I guess I'd like to know why sometimes they are in order and sometimes I have to put them in the right order. It may be just a few that I need to drag & drop, but what causes this to happen? Thanks, Kent
  12. When I import albums into Sonic Stage I've noticed the (9th) column headed "CD track #s" is often not in the correct order - not on all albums, but many. Any ideas what this is about? I drag & drop them to flow in the proper number order. Thanks! Kent
  13. Got it - thanks very much!! Kent
  14. Well, here's another one I don't understand... I've purchased an album from Connect, and downloaded it to my PC. It will play fine, but I thought it would be good to convert the songs and leave off the DRM (box is unchecked). It will start the conversion but at 50% through this message pops up: Sonic Stage 00000908-7483 Cannot convert specified track. Possible reasons may include: track can't be found (but it plays fine); SonicStage doesn't support file format of track (it's OpenMG Audio); track is copyright protected. Having read about the conversion method to allow storage of songs in my choice of file types and without DRM, I was surprised to run into this issue. I was trying to convert to Atrac3plus. If I keep the file the same (Atrac3) but without the box checked for DRM, it pops up this message immediately. Thanks, Kent
  15. Thanks - again!!! Cheers! Kent
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