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  1. I am selling my very mildly used NH1 which I bought last summer. I've moved on to a HD based player. I am not including the box or manual, but gaurantee it to work on arrival. I already started an ebay auction and then thought of posting here, so its too late to pull the auction, right now as of this post its bid up to $11. Hopefully I'll get a bit more for this item though Here is the link, shipping costs is only the cost of the carrier + $1 for any packing materials. I will gladly provide receipt for shipping costs. Good luck http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  2. I know this thing was just announced, but surely some importers have it by now? Nothing is showing up on Minidisco's site. Any other sites might have it? I am happy with my NH1, but frankly I want the MP3 support, the double battery life and that damn OLED display and I want it now!! In fact I want this more than my forthcoming Sony-PSP, if you can believe that!
  3. One thing I'm a bit tweaked about is not being able to get MP3s or Audilble.com books that I purchase onto my HiMD. I think that Audible is just an MP3 with somekind of modified header to it, but I could be wrong. Anyone know of a way to transfer from your Audible library to your HiMD?
  4. I guess I could even live without the bluetooth headphones since quality of sound could come into question. but bluetooth remote, common already. What is taking so long?
  5. Not to mention it will help adoption of the HiMD format. Its important to the average joe to have MP3. So its a BIG deal that it doesn't already. Nobody I know at work will even take the HiMD seriously w/o MP3. That's just a fact.
  6. Its useful for books on tape which I do not like converting to ATRAC. So yes I care.
  7. I was about to buy the Shure E2c's and figured, what the hell, why not go all the way. Am I right in thinking that the Ety ER-4's are some of, if not the top of the line canalphones? The question is, what is the difference between the -S and the -P suffix on the product code, and would either be money well spent when matched with the NH1? Am I better off amping it? If so I probably won't be able to buy an amp for another month, and even then I won't always have the amp on me, so given that, which of the two models is receommended (provided either is worth mating with the NH1).
  8. Ok, it doesn't exist yet, but here is what it is. Its the remote we have now, minus the wire connecting to the NH1. In its place we would be able to connect the headphone directly to the NH1, through a passthrough on a receiver for the remote. In essence the remote is wireless. Ah, the freedom of not constantly strangling myself with the remote wire, the headphone wires, etc. I don't care about potentially losing it, I just wouldn't. I can dream can't I?
  9. Oh I see, so this is what I want? http://www.minidisco.com/bc-7ht.html Wow, that seems like my problem is solved. Super thanks.
  10. To be more specific, this is what I have: http://www.minidisco.com/nh-14wm.html Except mine is from Sharp, although it seems these are all compatiable with my Sharp MD recorder. Question is I don't see any recharger unit on the minidisco.com web site, they have one for the NH1 series of battery, but not these. Any idea where to find it?
  11. Yeah, its the long rectangular one. It looks just like the one in the MZ-NH1 except its not as wide, its thicker. So the size is displaced. How many different sizes do they come in? Mine has Sharp branded on both of them. Can you point me to where I can buy such a charger?
  12. Well that's cool. sorta.. Can anyone confirm if this can be done after its on the disc? And naturally removed, it would not be good to have to go through all of the track marks to find the last one. I don't know how this track mark stuff works so I guess I should read the manual on the NH1.
  13. I have audio books that I want to put on my HiMD (NH1), is there any way to bookmark an arbitrary middle area of a track so that I can find it when I play it again later? I am guessing there is not, which kinda sucks badly.
  14. I think the e888s do irritate my ear, however after taking them out its the left ear that is thumping lightly. plus i know from several years that the left ear is sensative to noise. i have done paranoid little tricks today like cup my hand over my right ear and snap my finger in front of my nose, and then do cup the left ear, to see if the right ear is hearing the snap any better. i feel like it is. then again my left side of my body has always been the weakest and strangely feels somewhat lost and helpless, lol.. reminds me of that great book Drawing on the Right side of the brain, by what's her name. in any case, for now i am just giving my ears a total 3 day rest until i see the doctor. its also possible that i have a mild ear infection, which could be making the whole thing worse..
  15. Interesting, are the MDR-7509s noise cancelling? I didn't think they were but you are saying they still have a natural effect of keeping out noise? I wonder if they are good enough to keep out noise from train rides and loud trading floors? And they sound good with the MZ-NH1?
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