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  1. I bought a MZ-NH900 a few days ago. This is my third Minidisc machine. I've used each a lot and enjoyed each one until it finally quit working. Even with all the insane digital rights software, etc, this is almost an incredibly great piece of equipment. With just a few changes it could be great. Here are my impressions: THUMBS UP: * Complete kit with all accessories. * Small, light, fits pocket easily. * USB file download works. Thank you! * Great fidelity, good battery life, satisfying results for field recording. THUMBS DOWN: * Wall power adapter is USA only, not good for travel. * Wall power adapter has three (count 'em) RF filters. why? * Wall power adapter should also have capability to externally charge an additional NH-10WM battery. * USB cable has has three (count 'em) RF filters. why? * USB v1 is employed. Should be USB v2. * Unit will only charge with wall adapter + charging cradle. charging should occur when power adapter is plugged directly to unit. Charging cradle is junk. * Unit should be able to charge whenever USB is plugged in. * Display window is WAY too small. Should be at least twice as big. * Display NEEDS A BACKLIGHT BUTTON. Many of us use these units for recording in poorly lit settings. * Some settings should be retained in flash ram. In particular, setting "Manual Recording Level" option. * Disks previously recorded on a MD-SP recorder are not downloadable via USB. * There should be an ATRAC3+ mode (Hi-XP) in the 132 to 105 kbps range. This is a very useful range.
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