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  1. My good old R91 has made a noisy whiny noise as it reads the disc since the day I got it. I think some players just have a noisy motor. The disc spins contantly, but speeds up as the player reads it. Its at this point the noise can be pretty loud if I place it on a wooden floor or desk. Unless your hearing this noise over your music in your headphones, or people are staring at you wondering what the heck that noise is, sounds like a normal thing to me.

  2. Has anyone else noticed how complex Sony has made it though? Now we have SP and HiSP and LP and HiLO and all this stuff between. Maybe they should have just ditched the names and gone with straight out numbers for the modes. It is a little confusing when your not used to it. I thought LP2 and LP4 were complex enough.

  3. Just in case you cannot figure it out:

    user posted image

    They have these at www.minidisco.com now. Pretty funny! The only time I have ever had any trouble with disc direction is putting them into my car player when driving home from work in the dark. It gets angry and spits them out... It can throw a disc all the way onto the back seat o.O

    Here is a link where you can buy one if you need ^^


  4. You can use simple burner with any audio CD, but your better off just importing your mp3s into Sonic Stage. Much faster and less disc waste.

    Yes, Sonic Stage is a pain in the butt for mp3 transfers, but it does work decently if you copy your existing CDs to it. I actually have all my CDs in Sonic Stage in High SP. Makes it nice and quick to put together a disc, or listen to anything in very good quality. This method does take many gigs of disc space though...

    EDIT: Make sure to go into the advanced options and tell it to delete current files from hard disk after transfering. You will save yourself wasting lots of disc space.

  5. I just started using Hi-MD data to backup my webpage. Its a little on the slow side, but I can use the same disc over and over again. Don't have to worry about scratching it either.

    I was just curious what people use the data feature for. I'm sure there are lots of great uses I never even thought of.

  6. Interesting... Have you tried this yet? Since Ive imported all my CDs in HiSP, moving them to an MD in that format does not require any more converting. But I could see this being an issue if you used NetMD and only had the option of going from HiSP to LP2 or LP4...

  7. It is tricky unless your unit has one of the 4XELK remotes. These nice little three line remotes have the play pause next track controls on a jog dial. Stop and volume up and down are right next to the jog dial. The best feature on the remote is the slider control on the front. You can slide up and down through tracks and then click down on it to select a group to expand it, or select a song. Without the remote my NH1 is usable, but forget searching for anything >_<

  8. Well, as far as organization goes HiMD is all right. You can organize the tracks into groups, and then flip between groups. If you use SonicStage it will tag the files with a track name, album name, and artist name. This is done for you when importing a CD, but I think you have to input these yourself otherwise. I don't really use mp3, so I don't really know for sure if SonicStage pulls info from the mp3's tag or not...

    As far as playback goes:

    If you hit play, the unit plays every track in order like a CD. You can also choose a couple other modes though. Group Play - Plays tracks in the same group.

    Artist Play - Plays tracks by artist name

    Album Play - Plays tracks by album name

    Bookmark Play - Tag a bunch of tracks. Sorta like a playlist.

    Program Play - Play back playlist

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