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    Nh-1 As Deck

    I tend to use (blech) SonicStage on the PC. Ive got the Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 Audigy card with the Live Drive. I just plug an optic cable into the front and the other end into my reciever. Ive got my entire collection imported into SonicStage,and stuff recorded to HiMD plays through the USB link anyway. Sounds good to me, and thats all that matters.
  2. That's pretty cool. Always wondered what that did. Any NetMD models have this feature too, or is this HiMD only? Edit: Tested that question myself. My N505 has no such mode.
  3. My mother uses the little Sony armband that BestBuy sells. She seems to like it for jogging and working out. I still have the felt bag that my Japanese R-91 came in. I just stick in the remote and slide it into my bag. Sony Armband Case I've seen this elsewhere, so you may shop around and find it cheaper.
  4. The photo does not show it, but there are some little air bubbles. Prob need to apply the label like putting on an lcd screen protector. Take like a credit card and press it on evenly. But even with the air bubbles it looks pretty neat! Im going to have to get myself more white or silver colored discs ^^
  5. Thanks for the idea Kurisu! I found some of those Avery labels that you just print and cut at OfficeMax, and tweaked my word template a bit. Works very nice, except cutting out the disc end labels is a bit tricky. Dang those things are tiny... I also found some clear labels, and could not resist to pick up a pack. Take a pack of Avery #8665 Add some whiteTDK Blanks from minidisco, And you get some pretty neat looking discs! This is the first one I've done. I know this won't work for everything, nor will it work on dark colored discs, but it still looks neat
  6. I prob will not buy one just yet. Maybe when the 3rd or 4th gen comes out. By then there will SuperHiMD. 20gig MD discs...
  7. I used to do that back when I used VHS tapes. Never thought to do it with MD labels.... Interesting idea. I had been just printing to regular paper or sometimes glossy (if I put a spiffy picture on it) and just cutting out and glueing my label on. But here in Ohio it gets pretty cold and I've found the change in temp can make the glue go bye bye.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has tried this. I've had some success in the past using a MS word template I made. I never could get the thin ones that go on the end of the disc to work though... Is there any good software out there that does this simply and easily?
  9. Just don't buy the Hi-Space ones... For some reason those things always skip in my portables. Never had any problems with the cheapest of Sony, TDK, or Memorex ones.
  10. The only place I've seen HiMD discs for sale is the internet. Bestbuy.com carries them, Radioshack.com carries them, and of course minidisco.com has them too. I know you can order them at a local Radioshack and then pick them up, but it would be nice to just walk into Bestbuy and grab a pack of them.
  11. Have you ever cleaned the unit? They make MD cleaning discs. Might be worth a try if nothing else seems to help. BestBuy: Minidisc Head Cleaner
  12. If you don't mind wasting a few CDs you can install the CD recorder option and then import the CDs into SonicStage. Kinda long process, but it works.
  13. Hi-SP is darned good. If you want to hear for yourself download sonicstage 2.x from sony, pop in a CD and transfer it using ATRAC3plus 256 mode. You can get SonicStage right from Sony's Connect website: http://www.connect.com
  14. I keep checking different japanese sites for different colored hi md discs... Hopefully that little blue disc is Sony's Hi-Md Color collection!
  15. I used to buy really cheap Hi-Space brand minidiscs and would get that same problem from them. Almost sounded like when they got spinning really fast the disc would jump . Then I would get the "Read Error" and the unit would power off. Try testing another type of disc and see if it does the same thing. Hopefully it's just a bad disc
  16. Does anyone have one of these? If so, how are they? I bought a cheap version of something like this awhile back, and it was not so good.
  17. The screw on battery is something the N1 is missing. It has a nice internal Lithium Ion battery, but you have no other option. I'm probably going to buy a spare, but they are pretty expensive. I think they are around $50.00 right now.
  18. I would replace my current in dash recorder. Probably won't be cheap though. I got a great deal on the one I have now, not sure if my connections will come through for me on another one...
  19. I noticed Bestbuy.com has the HiMD discs as well. 7.99 is a bit steep, but if they carried them in the stores that would'nt be too bad. HiMD does not have a chance if retailers will not carry the products
  20. Usually clip it to the pocket on my coat and toss the player in my bag. Though sometimes I just plug the head phones directly in and hold the player with a deathgrip as I walk around.
  21. I've only had it play through the MD unit. I can control it from SonicStage or the good old OpenMG (insert shiver here) but thats it.
  22. I've only had my NH1 for 48 hours, but I really like it so far. It's so much faster than my poor little NetMD unit and HiSP mode kicks butt. Never held the other two, but I choose the NH1 because it's the Japanese model. My first MD was an R91 from Japan. After the jogdail wore out I bought a MZ-N505 to keep me going for awhile. I did'nt like how big and plasticy it was... Those other two models kinda remind me of the N505... If I were you I would seek some online reviews.
  23. I know on mine OpenMG crashes if I try to do anything else while it starts reading a CD. Once its a couple percent into the process I can switch back to the web browser, but if I touch anything else before that CRASH....
  24. Try changeing your language / region options in Windows XP. Go to the control panel and select "Regional and Language" option. From there set your Standards and Formats to English (United States) and then go to the Advanced tab and change the language for non uni-Unicode programs to English (United States). I had to do this to install and register for connect on my Japanese windows XP.
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