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  1. Okay, there are two things in particular that I am looking for- One is the case that they show on the "cases" part on www.minidisco.com, however, they do not sell this case. I am interested in finding out the name of the people who make it so i can buy one. Another thing I am looking for is a case for minidiscs- a bulk case that i can put on my desk. Not very dis-similar to the cases that people used to have 30 or 40 floppies in on their desk... I know that it isnt a minidisc player, but it seemed to fit in here the most. Thank you =)
  2. it's weird... I looked a few hours before you said i should check there, i was about to say i just looked and didnt find any, however, when i looked again, I saw one for sale.
  3. i want to buy a sony Mz-NH1 in very sexy condition.
  4. All i really wanted the microphone for was to record lectures. I tested it, and it seems to work okay for that purpose. I cant take the microphone all the way out, because the wires are not that long- i tried to wrap the microphones in tape AFTER i soldered them in. I didnt try before because i used an aligator clip as a heat sink. I guess i'm happy with the final result. It was a real pain to solder, though. I'll post pictures of it a bit later, as i'm going back to new york soon, and my brother wants to use my microphone for when he goes out of town, and is mailing it back. I'll also make a recording of tv, or something.
  5. Alright, i re-constructed the microphone, alothough it required some modifications. I'm wondering now where i could get something like the screen they use on microphone capsules? The microphones are somewhat loose, and have a tendancy to push "out", and i was going to put some screen over both of the sides of the "T"
  6. Thanks a bunch! I was planning on using the same distance wire, but the thing that concerns me is the stereo separation. With the current distance (approx 1.25"), would it sound quite a bit like mono? 6-7" seems to be a bit to large. Do you think it could have been the initial design that caused me to take it apart? it sounded 99% mono, you could hear something in the other channel @ about 1/100th the volume of the other speaker upon playback of recordings with that microphone. Also, the current wire appears to have fiberglass in with the wires- any particular reason? And should the mic capsules be "cool" enough if i perform a quick operation? or would they require addational cooling/heatsinking? Thanks again!
  7. Hello everyone. I got a Sound Professionals SP-SPSM1 Single Point Stereo microphone from http://www.minidisco.com/sp-spsm1.html, and it woudlnt record in stereo. Well, it would, but one channel was MUCH louder than the other one. I got upset, thinking it was a loose connection, and took it apart a while ago. Well, i found all the parts (except for the base), and was wondering where i would solder what, and if there is a way i can test the microphones themselves. here are some pics: http://img359.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn21084uw.jpg (1) http://img359.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn21042zm.jpg (2) Picture 1 is a picture of the parts that i have. Picture 2 is of "the connector" Notice on one of the microphones, the wire is off, and is soldered into the connector. Does anyone know where i would put the other wires, what type of solder to use, and where to get a similar type of wire? thanks if anyone can help!
  8. AWESOME person to deal with if you are laied back. He may take his time, but there are advantages in dealing with him. The unit i got was opened, but seriously, it's like i opened it, and touched it once. The condition of the unit was great. Another advantage is he makes sure to pack stuff very well. My unit came packed in a box, full of little bubble things, and than the unit it's self was wrapped completely in bubblewrap. Talk about cool! (pop pop pop pop) He is a very busy person though, so he may not get around to sending the unit for a while, but i dont think it took him any longer than a week to ship it out. He included tracking. VERY cool person to deal with, or just to talk to about flashlights.
  9. Geez, sorry for the really long time inbetween replies. It's okay for partially non-english raps, BUT there has to be some english in it, or else i dont understand the content of the song. Something with fancy lyrical work, syllable flipping, metaphors, satire. can be slow or fast, topics can change, alothough i'd like to get away from "battle emcee" type of stuff.
  10. Sorry, i got back from spring break a while ago. Like a week ago almost. I had a money situation, so i didnt get to send my nh1 to trade for the nh900. I'm going to send a PM to the guy, and thanks for waiting
  11. Sounds good to me, the Hi-Sp. I'm getting ready to go out for my spring break though, can you wait a little around a week? I'm going to be busy, i'm trying to trade my md unit for a nh900. Suprise package sounds great to me.
  12. Hi, Would anyone like to trade some hip hop (that isnt gansta) on a hi-md blank? Or if you'd like some hip hop, and listen to something else, i'll still trade. If you want, i can also trade on some clear memorex md's. I'm open minded, and would like to find some new stuff to listen to! thanks. Pm me if interested (no hardcore please, or party scene, or bling bling... Some funny stuff would be nice.)
  13. Sending a PM. If i dont get finished with it, it's because i had to go to my classes, and i wont be back till around 7:15 pm, and i may very well go to sleep, because i'm very tired after 30 hours without any sleep. (i'm tired now =\ )
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