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  1. see, I like that... once you've sat through 30 of an artist's albums (which you even own yourself) you have a right to say they aren't any good no seriously, even though I believe there are some exceptions (as always), I can easily pinpoint some genres the world could do without IMHO - R&B + homeboy/gansta rap ... anything with who's and bitchas and baggy pants dangling under their undies and I'm laughing so hard I can't even focus on the music (if there even is any) - a few exceptions: I kinda can stand some of missy elliot's stuff and even justin Timberlakes squeals bu that's about it - outright commercial pop & dance... the top-50 is full of it and I just can't stand it - anything overproduced or worse, pro-tooled (or whatsitcalled) singers...and yes chino moreno that even means you, though I dig the music itself ... but every self-respecting musician should be able to perform the stuff live as well - covers that add nothing (and I think I shouldn't add anything else here either) - popularized classical music... no, Mozart does NOT need a beat!, nor should he be synthesizerized!! - well, swearing/shocking/disgusting lyrics just to be swearing/shocking/disgusting... I have nothing against faul words etc if they are warranted... but a dance song called 'Mickey Mouse Motherf***er' just won't do; let the music convince me! (it's like big brother ppl claiming celebrity: yeah you'll probably get it, but for all the wrong reasons) - and many MANY more... heck, I guess I'm kinda intolerant/intolerable... I seem to have quite a bit too many musical things I can't really stand so I'll quit now that there are still a couple of ppl here that wanna talk to me have fun and do not let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't listen to! (or in other words... this is only my opinion and yours might differ...)
  2. not planning to bash anything (my dad is very pleased with his bose home system and I really love to keep it that way ) but if you think the PX100 sound good but could use a little bit more isolation (not really much more) without 1) spending as much as on the bose; and 2) compromising style, comfort nor SQ... really you should look into importing some Sony D66SL eggo's through audiocubes or something alike... $100 less than the bose and I'll bet quite something substantial you wouldn't want to trade 'em (even if it was for style alone )
  3. good for you!!... I'm going to their show in Belgium (in the AB). It will be my second EITS-concert in 2 years time (saw them at the Botanique as well) and hopefully my second brilliant recording of them as well
  4. currently listening to: Mono live @ the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) 12-12-2006 in PCM (pure unedited live-rec goodness) through well-amped D66SL's [attachmentid=2149] I am simply reliving the 8 scenes of sound donated by Mono last Tuesday. Their music ranges from etheric fairy-terror softness to soothing walls of noise all beautifully captured in full range of frequencies and loudness unlike most contemporary compressed teen-pleasing cd's... heck greenmachine's mics/b-box even make the occasional hard-plastic cups falling on the ground sound eerily atmospheric As Mono are tape/trade-friendly* I will be uploading this recording (in lossless compressed format) to the Live Music Archive (part of archive.org) when I find the time... as for now I'll probably just upload a few MP3's to our gallery here (I'll add the link here when it's done) * More and more I'm getting the impression that bands that are brilliant live often allow taping while bands that threaten to sue you and/or even do not allow radio-stations to tape them/air live-recs often are just a waste of ticket-money... support trade-friendly bands! They mostly are worth it! PS: I admit I shamelessly borrowed the brilliant fanart of Miki (http://sound.jp/dial_m) for the cover without asking... so Miki if you see this... please forgive me and to all other ppl: 'please do not use the album art without giving praise to Miki', thanks!
  5. the only real use for a long 'pause' I know is with all pre-HiMD units to set it at rec-pause after setting all rec-settings so at the venue you simply had to 'unpause' in stead of tampering with the menus in the dark again... but as the RH1 remembers rec settings and as sparda already said playback position as well, I must say I kinda agree with sony-support on this one (wow I honestly never would have guessed I'd once say this in my entire life) and that you are trying to use a feature that is none. I.e. pause is used for other things ... heck, with quickmode and remembering playback position I actually do not see ANY use for pause in playback (recording is something else)
  6. hi fanimej... indeed as they are shown here they require quite some imagination to become really usable mics. Here's a few things I did: - attached some small clips to them (the smallest electronic gator-clips I could find) using a second layer of heat shrink tube - I (temporarily) mount them in croakies (a fabric retainer/protector for eye-glasses) just follow the 'stealth setup' link in my signature and you'll understand what I'm talking about - I've mounted a pair in a small (3cm h/ 4cm w) cardboard pyramid so it can be easily used for conferences/interviews etc. - I've used a 'helping hand' for electronics and model toys (you know the thing with two arms with gator clips and a magnifying glass) and attached a fabric covered disc onto the magnifying glass to create a stereo separator ... so what's the lesson? Experiment, share your findings and use what works best for you (playback over headphones requires a different setup than playback over speakers,...) ... and most of all, have fun doing so... it is all part of the game
  7. Mostly correct Minidisco... but if we're nitpicking... then I need to point out that Discs created by NetMD transfers from PC-> MD will not upload (MDLP recordings and even prerecorded discs will upload on the other hand)
  8. I'm sorry to say, but if a mic simply doesn't record low frequencies, you won't be able to 'raise' them with the EQ either let's face it, those Sony mics aren't really suited for recording music
  9. I'm sorry to hear you're not giving up that easily no really, believe us. We've all tried before and just read what I've suggested... this will limit your (useless) efforts and further frustration - what transfers? there is no transfer (i.e. digitally through USB from MD to PC) possible with your model, not at all, never, not even with hacks... NetMD simply wasn't intended to do what you want. - there is no 'faster than real time with your model', never, not even...well, you get the idea - the only thing you can do is rerecording from MD to PC in real time (analog or if you have a deck with optical out digitally). When rerecording you do not get sound from the USB cable, but from the headphone out (MD) to the line in (PC) and this is very clearly described in the guide I linked please search and read the forums a bit as this is all addressed lots of times before PS: the RH1 will do all you ask (even with your existing recordings, but that is the ONLY model that will)
  10. listening to: Lambchop | Damaged ltd. edition (original CD) CD I 1. paperback bible 2. prepared 3. the rise and fall of the letter p 4. a day without glasses 5. beers before the barbican 6. i would have waited here all day 7. crackers 8. fear 9. short 10. the decline of country and western civilization CD II 1. pre 2. fear(re) 3. decline 2. paperback bible (with drums)
  11. you have a NetMD model which means the USB is PC -> MD only (not MD -> PC) so read this guide for getting audio on your PC from MD or invest in an RH1 (search these forums for more info on that model)
  12. this is your typical case of not reading the manual as thoroughly as needed... the RH1 will upload: - HiMD recordings (made with a mac compatible machine) to mac - legacy (non HiMD) recordings to PC but not legacy to mac... sorry
  13. a couple of things: - upgrade your SS to 3.4 (at least) and perhaps just to the most recent 4.2 (available from the news section) as a lot of bugs were fixed and they allow unlimited uploads...but... - the thing you are describing isn't a SS bug. It is a problem of 'sectors'. It is a question of aligning the trackmarks to the CD-sectors. This is nearly impossible on MD. Best bet is to upload to pc/mac as one track, then add trackmarks in the CD-burning program itself or a program like audacity (using the CD-sector lay-out) - and third but not least... please look around before opening a new thread and then bumping it after only a short time as this topic has been discussed before...just have a search on this forum for a thread by 'dex otaku' on gapless burning and you'll get a step-by-step howto
  14. as greenmachine built and designed the mics... I couldn't explain it better. but just as a comment: this mogwai show was kinda loud, but definitely the loudest show I ever attended. Mogwai at pukkelpop quite a couple of years ago was much louder and it seems they have learned subtlety can work just as well sometimes. Overall, the loudest show I ever saw (well, half at least) was Kyuss at pukkelpop somewhere in the early '90s... they scared away everyone that didn't wear earplugs just cause they played painstakingly loud that said, the mics (+battery box -> line in) have managed to capture everything I tried them on without distortion... and there were some loud things like bloodbrothers, mogwai, etc.
  15. just read my D66 review (and perhaps even my PX100 review as that could be a very cheap but good workhorse phone next to the D66)
  16. a happy late one doclloyd and a very happy one mrsoul... I hope you have many more days of recording to come!
  17. happy birthday pastagaman... (or bon anniversaire)... I hope you have a great day and do keep listening to good music! btw: don't kill yourself on that bike of yours...
  18. @ dogville, you'd better get your RH1 checked as no-one else (including me with my NH900 and my RH1) has songs repeated in shuffle mode (are you sure you do not have the tracks in duplicate on the disc? if you transfer 2 SS-playlists that contain the same track, it is put on the disc twice)
  19. enjoy your day Ishii... hope you have a great year full off photo/phone/MD/and other gadget fun... perhaps you could start a pictorial thread with some tasty macro-shots of your birthday cake
  20. that definitely is not standard behavior Sparda, my RH1 doesn't need a remote plugged in and it has never been attached while charging... better check with Sony
  21. by inserting a nice shiny (Hi)MD-disc full of music... how do you get music on the disc you ask... well, with another non-player-only unit i.e. a downloader (D-models) or a recorder (RH and NH models)
  22. and M10 is the RH910...which doesn't have a lit screen, so scratch that one yeah I know they are basically the same items, but I was just trying to be as complete as possible so that when someone reads MD-model numbers on a site, he/she knows which one have a backlight/OLED
  23. it went together with the limitation of 80 minutes decently sounding audio on one disc... isn't there a "minidisc users are moaners thread"? well, this thread should be linked we've got 90 min CD-SQ, 8 HOURS of HiSP on one disc, uploadable recordings and now even uploading of legacy stuff,... but hey ... the battery life could be better, don't you agree? PS: sorry, these Monday mornings do make a (bigger) cynic out of me
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