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  1. thanks guys... I'll be having a pretty quiet day today (slight hangover) as I already 'used up' all of my presents this week: - Monday: good Brussels' fast food (Stoemp saucisse at '9&voisins') accompanied by some trappist and a NIN-concert at the AB - recorded of course - Tuesday: tried to get my hearing back so a quiet evening at home with my girlfriend (I cooked some nice pasta) - Wednesday: Comedy and Impro-night (I organized it myself but enjoyed it just as much as our 250 attendees) - Thursday: a night in Antwerp with good food ('haute quisine' Fish & Chips at the 'Zuiderterras'), an intellectually pleasing part (lecture by the very interesting Cultural Sociologist Rudy Laermans) and a bit of popular fun as well (jenevercafé 'De Vagant') - Friday: Youp Van't Hek (Dutch cabaretier) in 'Het Capitool' in Ghent and afterwards a couple of drinks with my old buddies there so today is just for resting, editing the EITS and NIN shows and tonight... well, great food and drinks again (what can I say, Belgians do like their bourgondic lifestyle ) at my parents' place sorry for bragging like this... but this really was one of my most fun weeks since ages! Seen lots of old and not-so-old friends, seen nice things, eaten a lot of great food and enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. I'm currently listening to the same record (bought at the show)... and I did record it (need to edit some parts still) but there was way too much crowd noise (irritating non-fans ) the recording came out pretty ok, but you really have to focus-out the talkative numbskulls!
  3. I've had grounding issues which caused humming while recording from AC and on some occasions I didn't have the hum (probably did accidentally ground the machine that time) but I normally use DC (battery)
  4. hmm, a game of 'true or false' true! (for Li-ION batteries like the RH1) aw, false! this one is only true for NiMH batteries and NOT for Li-ION ones like the RH1...Li-ION can be recharged whenever you feel like it, and they must not be discharged completely if possible. for info on (different sorts of) batteries I find this to be a very useful source
  5. it will be transcoding from one lossy format to another and that means SQ-loss, unless you have them stored in a lossless format right now (WAV/PCM or Atrac lossless, in the latter case, you still need to go Atrac lossless -> wav -> new bitrate to keep SQ as otherwise the lossy part will be used for the conversion anyway) sorry to say this, but you'll probably have to re-rip or live with the SQ-loss
  6. @A440: PMX100 has a neckband, not headband... ergo the hooks the PMX100 sounds the same as the PX100 provided you can get them positioned correctly (I have both and while the PMX doesn't 'mess up the hair', I prefer the PX for comfort and style) and I prefer the 100 > 200 by far (auditioned the 200 at a local store) I'll be recieving the KSC75 next week and then I can compare the sound I'd also chip in a vote for the grado SR60 if you are into rock
  7. eh... don't you mean that getting a good set of headphones will make 132kbps sound terrible? We could discuss what 'good' means here, but let's assume you are talking about a headphone that has better alround technical specs and sounds better when listening to uncompressed sources (even though I do understand that this is still vey vague and questionable)... that would mean that those headphones would be more revealing towards the faults of lower bitrate files like 132kbps. Traditionally lower bitrate files cut/roll-off high frequencies, so that would mean that with a worse headphone with a drop-off in higher frequencies the lossy and lossless files would sound more alike and thus the lossy file would fare better in a comparison with the lossless source a more revealing phone would not only make you feel you're missing something (the higher freqs) but will also make you hear artifacts etc better and the lossy file would be more easily distinguished in a comparison. I have several headphones and I must say that with the better ones I love 'unmasking' lossy files (I finally get significant results in ABX-tests) but I can't enjoy lower bitrate music anymore. I used Lame VBR-New V5 on my RH1 and since I upgraded my headphone from the stockbuds to the PX100 to the grado SR60 I've increased SQ to V3 so I wouldn't be focussing on 'what isn't there' or 'what sounds unnatural' anymore...
  8. currently listening to: Explosions in the Sky / All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (limited edition) CDI 1. Birth and Death of the Day 2. Welcome, Ghosts 3. It's Natural to Be Afraid 4. What Do You Go Home To? 5. Catastrophe and the Cure 6. So Long, Lonesome CDII 1. The Birth And Death Of A Day (Jesu Mix) 2. Welcome, Ghosts (Adem Mix) 3. It's Natural To Be Afraid (The Paper Chase Mix) 4. What Do You Go Home To? (Mountains Mix) 5. Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix) 6. So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix)
  9. links could need some 'fixing' but further this seems to be welcome news as a few ppl are already installing vista does this have anything to offer over 4.2 for non-vista users?
  10. do you use any 'windows skinning'-software (which alters the look of you system)? These are known to cause conflicts with SS if you do not, you could always try a cmplete reinstall as explained in the stickied threads in the software support section
  11. a happy b-day rich... hope you can indulge in some in-the-netherlands-not-illegal-substances and a lot of good music on MD of course enjoy yourself!
  12. go to archive.org (or directly here) and check if they are mentioned... if not, look at similar bands and prepare a suck-up mail to the band or their tour-manager. Offer to send copies of all your recordings to them and promise that you will never ever use it for commercial activities (mention and point to etree/archive.org and their mission statements
  13. only the M200 (too expensive because of the included mic) and RH1 (same without the mic)... none else
  14. is it out yet? ah indeed, I recall it being released the 15th... should be going to the store now, please excuse me PS: I'll be going to their show the 28th *edit: darn typos
  15. I'm not near my PC (and SS) right now to make screenshots, but I'm 100% sure that SS as well as SB offer LP2 and LP4 (not 'renamed'; not atrac3+ ; just simple atrac3)... don't forget SS (and earlier openMG or watsitcalled) were designed before HiMD existed. NetMD just used the older MDLP formats (atrac3) but not SP (atrac). Further more atrac3+ (even the lower and comparable bitrates) is something different than atrac3 according to this: so yeah, as far as I know you're talking BS but doing a bit of research before posting could solve that easily sources: http://minidisc.org/mdlpfaq.html#_q61 ; http://minidisc.org/NetMD_faq.html ; http://minidisc.org/mdlpfaq.html ; and many more pages on minidisc.org, MDCF and wiki *edit: fixed small typo
  16. a quick use of the search-function of these forums will reveal a lot of threads/posts dedicated to this topic... hmm, kanako, I have replied similar to another thread of yours I see... perhaps give 'searching' a shot PS: and being new is no reason not to search
  17. that is a good question to ask... but it is a much better thing to search a very quick search (just entered 'audio' and 'bit' and voila, the first link was spot-on) in wiki gave this entrance which explains clearly the difference between bit-depth (the 16/24 stuff) an bitrates (the kbps-things)
  18. there are two main types of recordings on MD: - legacy recordings (made with any MD's that is not HiMD) - HiMD recordings (HiLP, HiSP or PCM) HiMD's can upload HiMD-recordings. Legacy recordings cannot be uploaded except with one recent model: the RH1 (not 10). The marantz is not HiMD, but the RH10 is... so: - recordings made with the RH10 (in HiLP, HiSP or PCM) can be uploaded - recordings made with the Marantz cannot be uploaded by the RH10 if you need to get recordings made with the marantz to PC, there are two options: - real-time (analog) transfer (see this thread) - buy an RH1 (but unless you have lots of irreplacable material you need to transfer this is not necessary)
  19. that is an option, but it will be analogue and realtime... you could just as well rerecord to PC using audacity (see this thread) ... as you woud have found also by searchin/browsing these forums no, it would have been advertised in BIG capitals all over this site if someone had found a hack/mod that allowed legacy uploads for other HiMDs ... as you would have known had you read a bit more on these forums well, google does yield results link (operating instructions) hope you enjoy HiMD and these forums... and I hope you'll feel welcome as well... but please search/read a bit before you ask further questions.
  20. - the RH10 will allow upload of HiMD formats (HiLP, HiSP and PCM) to PC (not mac) but anything recorded with a non-HiMD model is legacy and Sharp didn't make any HiMD's - Hardware hacking is mostly called modding IIRC - there are user manuals available for download through minidisc.org that will enlighten you on the capacities of the RH10 and other HiMD models
  21. listening to Thelonious Monk | straight, no chaser @ 1411kbps 1. Locomotive 2. I didn't know abot you - take 4 3. Straight, no chaser 4. Japanese folk song [kojo no tsuki] 5. Between the devil and the deep blue sea 6. We see 7. This is my story, this is my song 8. I didn't know about you - take 1 9. Green chimneys
  22. no, sorry... there is only one MD that allows digital uploads (through USB) of legacy recordings: the RH1 and as it is not only a software but also a hardware issue, you will not be able to hack/trick any other MD into uploading
  23. listening to The Mars Volta | De-Loused in the Comatorium @ 1411kbps (CD ) 1. Son Et Lumiere 2. Inertiatic Esp 3. Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) 4. Tira Me A Las Aranas 5. Drunkship Of Lanterns 6. Eriatarka 7. Cicatriz Esp 8. This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed 9. Televators 10. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt
  24. IMHO, binaural is still not the best setup for playback over speakers... but in the idea of you can always edit what is there, but you can't ever add afterwards what isn't there in the first place, I have seen lots of (much more experienced than me) record binaural, as it does give the best stereo separation in a highly portable setup, keep one unedited master and from that one create (1) a very slightly edited headphone version and (2) a speaker version by manipulating the stereo image slightly (mostly a bit of 'crossfeeding' or what's it called...just 'reducing' the separation slightly) there might be better ways to get the speaker/stereo presentation in the first place, but this is an easy way to get both (which isn't possible with a single mic stereo setup as that will always sound 'flat in front of you' over headphones) bottom line, know your public... if they (and you) will never listen over headphones, no probs, go for any setup... but if you want to have a 'headphone edit' as well, go binaural first, edit later
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